negative future + time period + YET

In the English Vocabulary Profile at C1, YET from now and for a particular period of time in the future A search in the NOW corpus for: for a _JJ _NNT yet 1 FOR A LONG TIME YET 605 I‘m not gonna die for a long time yet. The Babadook 2 FOR A LITTLE WHILE YET 197 Dinner won’t be ready for a little while yet. Little Deaths 3 …

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in no time

In the English Vocabulary Profile at C1, ‘in no time’ means ‘very soon’ A search for collocates in THE MOVIE CORPUS: 1 AT 138 I know this is a big change for you, but it‘ll feel like home in no time at all. listen 2  FIXED 29 Never fear.  We‘ll have Alice fixed in no time. listen 3 FEET 25 4  NORMAL 14 5  FLAT 12

my | your | his | her | our + NOUN

A1 point 9 in the category of DETERMINERS is defined: possessive determiners ‘my’, ‘your’, ‘his’, ‘her’ and ‘our’ before nouns. A search in iWeb for: my|your|his|her|our _NN 1 YOUR BUSINESS 624027 You need to know a lot of things about how to make your business. TLC STUDENT EXAMPLE male Russia B2 2 YOUR HOME 598828 3 MY LIFE 576086 4 YOUR LIFE 560286 5 YOUR …

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subject + verb

A1 point 2 in the category of CLAUSES is defined: simple affirmative declarative clauses For example: We‘re different. People see us as being different anyway. listen Also at A1 is: negative statements of the main verb ‘be’, with contracted and uncontracted forms. For example: I‘m not a doctor. listen *The English Grammar Profile examples contain the verb ‘BE’. An iWeb search for: _NN _VB …

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CAN | WILL (affirmative declarative clause)

A1 point 1 in the category of CLAUSES is defined: affirmative declarative clauses with modal verbs. The English Grammar Profile examples include: ‘can’ and ‘will’.  Future simple modality is also covered here. Here are STUDENT EXAMPLES: A lot of farmers can read and write, but they didn’t complete high school. PELIC Chinese female level 3 writing class.   I will go to New York on Thanksgiving day. Korean female level …

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‘would rather’ | ‘it’s time’ + PAST TENSE CLAUSE

Here we look at examples of using ‘the past tense’ in a way that is not referring to past time.  In these EXPERT EXAMPLES: It’s time we started to think about the environment and a little bit less about money. Isle of Man Newspapers As an environmentalist, we would rather that didn’t happen. TED ‘the past tense’ expresses a wish that is distanced from the real situation. In reality, they are not thinking …

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am|is|are + going + to-INFINITVE (future)

Here are examples of ‘BE going to’ with A1 infinitives: It is going to take time. Listen Are you going to do anything about it? Listen This is a group of people who want to tell you your work is going to live. listen In the English Grammar Profile, in the category of FUTURE: B1 Point 31 is defined: ‘be going to’:  increasing range of verbs to make predictions. A2 point 4 is defined: future the affirmative and …

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by the time + CLAUSE

We have already covered the following grammar point on another page: C1 English Grammar Profile point 63 in the category of FUTURE is defined as: The present simple with ‘by the time’ to refer to the future. For example: By the time it lands, they will already know if anything needs to be serviced. There is no other EGP tense that is related to this …

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The word ‘being’ is most often used as a verb, but also a noun (human being) and in a time adverbial phrase (for the time being). 1 BEING a search in NOW corpus for: * * _VBG * * 1 ADDRESS BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO 32061 At least, you didn’t require readers to log in with an email address before being allowed to read it! brownsnation.com 2 COOKIES FROM BEING SET …

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TIME (complex adverbial phrases)

1 TIME (NNT1) 24212119 (noun) 2 TIME (RR42) 192513 (from time to time) B2 adverbial phrase Maybe it would’ve done you some good to have some questions from time to time. listen 3 TIME (VV0%) 101432 9 TIME (VVI) 9981 (verb) 4 TIME (RT43) 37727 (For the time being) 5 TIME (RR31) 21289 (time and again)

adverbial phrases with ‘AND’

The second most common word in English is ‘AND’  which is usually a conjunction.  It’s also used in complex adverbial phrases: and so on (A2 in the English Vocabulary Profile) I need you to help me with my bags and so on. listen TIME AND AGAIN (unlisted in the EVP) I‘ve told you fellas time and again, this haka won’t work until you get the first action right! listen BY AND LARGE (C1) The men who work for PointCorp, the men you dishonour by calling them mercenaries are,  by and large, retired American military personnel. listen BY …

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THE + comparative phrases ‘The more you have, the better it is.’

In the English Grammar Profile, B2 point 56 in the category of DETERMINERS and articles is defined as “the” in comparative phrases ‘more’, ‘less’, ‘worse’, ‘better’ * the more’, ‘less’, ‘worse’ * to talk about one thing that is affected by another. comparative clauses For example: The more guns there are here, the more likely there is to be a misunderstanding. listen The more members of your party who vote, the more likely you are to win an election. …

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