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Point 49 in VERBS/phrasal-prepositional is defined as: increasing range of verb + particle + preposition + noun or pronoun   An iWeb search for: _VV _RP _I _P 1 GET BACK TO YOU 19937 EVP C1 Korean,Female,4,w They can learn more things from this experience and they might get back to their school with more self-confidence. 2 COME UP WITH SOMETHING 12747 EVP B2 Arabic,Female,5,w Unfortunately, experts have been unable to come up with a cure for autism. […]

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adverb in mid position or after ‘BE’

Point 24 in MODALITY is defined as: adverbs in mid position or after main verb ‘be’, to modify an assertion, either through hedging or emphasis An iWeb search using the adverbs found in the EGP examples: _V probably|definitely * 1 IS PROBABLY THE 101355 Thai,Male,5,w On the other hand, the lack of these qualities is probably the cause of many problems we have with other people. 2 WILL PROBABLY […]

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a little + ADJECTIVE

Although ‘a little’ exists in the EGP, there is no entry for it to modify an adjective.  We checked the EVP and found that it exists modifying an adjective at B2. Expanded in iWeb: a little _JJ 1 A LITTLE EXTRA 48606 2 A LITTLE DIFFERENT 45216 3 A LITTLE NERVOUS 10624 4 A LITTLE […]

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degree adverb modifying preposition

Point 9 in PREPOSITIONS is defined as: adverbs of degree to modify prepositions and prepositional phrases. (have to check each match that it’s actually modifying the preposition and not something else) A check on google for Adverbs of degree: Common adverbs of degree: Almost, nearly, quite, just, too, enough, hardly, scarcely, completely, very, extremely. extremely, especially, […]

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ADVERB phrases

Point 67 in the category of ADVERBS is defined as: adverb phrases with modifiers before, and complements after, adverbs. A search in iWeb for the pattern in the two examples in the EGP: _V (almost|so)_R _RR _I 1 WORKED SO HARD FOR 1573 PELIC B1 Writing: 2791 : 860, gm7, Arabic Fem 110 50,1,103 Those poor people […]

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