still (despite that)

In the English Vocabulary Profile (EVP), ‘Still‘ is listed at B1 with the meaning ‘despite that‘, where ‘that’ refers back to the previous thing talked about.  This is slightly different to:

despite‘ as a preposition, which is also listed at B1 with the meaning:

without taking any notice of or being influenced by; not prevented by

All the EVP examples follow either contrast markers: ‘but‘ or ‘even though‘.

It is terrific that aspiring, young women are keen to learn from those who have gone before,

 but there are still too few female role modelsespecially women of color.


The following example is B2 because of the complex conjunction and adverb with the modal verb.

Even though these objects reflect light differentlywe can still reconstruct their shapes.



Cutting Edge Advanced has ‘Still,‘ at the start of the sentence as a discourse marker.  This can indicate contrast to what has gone before.  ‘Still’ in this position is also considered to be a ‘conjunctive adverb’.  For example:

He had no wealth or power compared to others who had been on the reservation longer.
Still, he saw an opportunity.