We find grammar and vocabulary information from many places and give it to you here.  We tell you which grammar and vocabulary go together normally.


English Grammar Profile

This website is, for now, a place for sharing English grammar research. As it develops in time, there will be an expansion of the English Grammar Profile (EGP) for teachers and learners of the English language. The EGP is a wonderful resource that describes what English learners can do at various points of their inter-language. However, how it is to actually be used FOR learners not only requires further research, but also quite a great deal more input from teachers so that students can benefit from it. This is where English Grammar Pro starts to develop its findings further.

English Grammar Pro for the Guru

What we are sharing here is a great deal of what is hidden from teachers. That is the ability for them to do their own grammar searches on their texts. Each grammar point presented here will contain a regular expression to find forms tagged with Lancaster University’s CLAWS 7 tagset. This is used by corpora like iWeb corpus, and the automatic tagger can be used to tag your own texts too.

English Grammar Pro is Free

In the same spirit of shared research found in the links above, it is the goal of this website to further partake in such noble endeavours. It should be clearly noted that EnglishGrammar.Pro is not in any way affiliated with English Grammar Profile or is it an “organisation promoting commercial materials as “English Profile informed.”

We fully acknowledge (in the footer of this website on every page) as requested in their terms of use.

Legal Notice: Copyright 2019. The online software, text report and research at EnglishGrammar.Pro has made use of the English Grammar Profile. This resource is based on extensive research using the Cambridge Learner Corpus and is part of the English Profile programme, which aims to provide evidence about language use that helps to produce better language teaching materials. See for more information.