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Point 52 in PRONOUNS/demonstratives/MODIFYING is defined as: quantifying determiners + ‘of’ with demonstrative pronouns An iWeb search for _DD of _DD 1 SOME OF THESE 258542 PELIC STUDENT: Arabic,Male,3,w The hospitality in Saudi Arabia is very different between provinces. Some of these have traditional hospitality, but others have modern hospitality. 2 ANY OF THESE 147378 3 EACH OF THESE 143569 4 SOME OF THOSE 90717 5 SOME OF […]

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WILL (future simple)

In this post, we cover the hard-to-distinguish proficiency levels when using the future simple ‘will’.  Note that some of these overlap with ‘shall’ but we are not focussed on that here.  We also are not covering ‘will’ and something that is easier to formally differentiate the grammar point.  These points are doubled up on Future […]

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phrasal verbs

There are 9 similar points across the English Grammar Profile in the category of VERBS covering phrasal verbs across the levels.  And the differentiation between the levels becomes difficult to interpret  since it is more about the vocabulary.  For this reason, the English Vocabulary Profile is probably more beneficial even though the logic of what […]

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degree adverb modifying preposition

Point 9 in PREPOSITIONS is defined as: adverbs of degree to modify prepositions and prepositional phrases. (have to check each match that it’s actually modifying the preposition and not something else) A check on google for Adverbs of degree: Common adverbs of degree: Almost, nearly, quite, just, too, enough, hardly, scarcely, completely, very, extremely. extremely, especially, […]

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