• Prepositions govern and often precede a noun or pronoun.
  • A preposition expresses a relation to another word or element.

‘BUT FOR’ (third conditional)

We know that ‘but for’ + a phrase means except for or if it were not for. At C1, this structure can be combined with a ‘would have clause’  so it is similar to a past conditional.  All together this construction means “if it wasn’t for this thing that happened, then this other thing was …

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In the English Grammar Profile, there are two similar C2 points in the category of passives: Point 38: non-finite ‘-ing’ perfect forms of the passive as the complement of prepositions. Point 40: passive non-finite ‘-ing’ perfect forms in subordinate clauses to give explanatory background information. EXAMPLE: I feel like the luckiest person in the world, having been born at the intersection of great needs and great injustices and great opportunities to change them. TED An iWeb search for: …

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superlative + noun+ IN

Point 11 in the category of ADJECTIVES: prepositional phrases with ‘in’ + singular name of a place after a superlative adjective. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: I am not shy with girls, I always tell my brother don’t be shy with them,  they are the best creatures in the world. Arabic male level 2 writing class. A search in iWeb for: _JJT _NN in _N 1 BEST THINGS IN LIFE 1698 2 BEST …

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look forward to

Point 13 in the category of VERBS/phrasal-prepositional is defined as: ‘look forward to’ as a fixed expression followed by an ‘-ing’ form or noun phrase, usually at the end of correspondence. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: I am looking forward to getting your letter. Japanese female, level 3 writing class. A search in iWeb for: LOOK forward to * * 1 LOOK …

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each other

Point 60 in the category of PRONOUNS/reciprocal is defined as: ‘each other’ as the object of a verb or complement of a preposition to talk about the mutual behaviour of two or more people. An iWeb search for: * * * each other 1 ON TOP OF EACH OTHER 13130 (note that many of these …

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himself | herself | myself | yourself

There are three very similar B1 points in the English Grammar Profile in the Category of PRONOUNS/singular reflexive Point 45 is defined as: ‘myself’, ‘yourself’, ‘himself’ and ‘herself’ after prepositions where the object of the preposition is the same as the subject of the verb. Point 65 is: ‘myself’, ‘yourself’, ‘himself’ and ‘herself’ for emphasis. …

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Point 36 in the category of VERBs is defined as: verb pattern / reporting verb with prepositional phrase + that clause as the direct object A search in iWeb for: SAY to_II * that 1 SAID TO ME THAT 2340 2 SAY TO YOU THAT 1483 3 SAYS TO ME THAT 794 4 SAY TO …

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preposition (wide range)

Point 8 in the category of prepositions is defined as a wide range of simple (single word) prepositions. *Note this first search on iWeb is not only for instances as a preposition: above|along|according|because|beside|but|despite|off| onto|regarding|towards|through|underneath|via|within 1 BUT 52015729 2 BECAUSE 13807430 3 THROUGH 12732122 4 OFF 9025030 5 WITHIN 5473926 6 ALONG 3835546 7 ABOVE 3640611 …

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Point 105 in the category of PRONOUNS/reciprocal is defined as: ‘each’ (+ noun or pronoun) as subject followed by ‘the other(s)’ a complement of a preposition, to refer to two related things. (pronouns: quantity) A search in TED corpus for: Each {n} * {in} the [other|others]   Each attempt was substantially different from the other.       1  Each side …

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What part of speech is the word ‘near’? 1 NEAR (II) 1173513 4 NEAR (RL) 87096 12 NEAR (VVI) 18064 17 NEAR (JJ) 8170 21 NEAR (RR) 5765


Point 60 in VERBS is defined as: verb + particle + preposition, where the preposition is separated from its complement. Prepositions An iWeb search for: _VV _RP _I . 1 COME UP WITH. 10825 1   They prepared dishes that even 5-year-olds couldn’t come up with . 2 My boys love picking out …


one | some + of the + SUPERLATIVE + PLURAL NOUN

Here’s an expert example: Ocean worlds are some of the most fascinating places. (Listen to this sentence) In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 41 in ADJECTIVES is defined as:  ‘ONE OF THE’ before a superlative ADJECTIVE, followed by a plural noun. This point can be slightly expanded with Person’s GSE 55 B1+: ‘one of/some of/among’ in phrases with superlative …

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superlative + prepositional phrase

Point 37 in the category of ADJECTIVES is defined as: an increasing range of complex noun phrases with a superlative adjective + prepositional phrase, to talk about something unique. A search on iWeb for: _AT _RGT _JJ _N _I   1 THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF 16690 2 THE MOST COMMON TYPE OF 11789 PELIC …

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(too) adjective + prepositional phrase

There is overlap between these two A2 English Grammar Profile points: Point 6 in the category of ADJECTIVES/modifying is defined: ‘too’ + adjective + prepositional phrase Point 28 in the category of ADJECTIVES/modifying is defined as: adjective phrases with a very limited range of adjectives + a prepositional phrase. The EGP examples for range are: …

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This post is about two points in the English Grammar Profile found in two different categories and two different CEFR levels.  Differentiating them depends on what prepositional verbs are.  A combination of the verb and preposition has an idiomatic expression with a distinct meaning.  However, the English Vocabulary Profile gives a better idea of the …



Point 49 in VERBS/phrasal-prepositional is defined as: increasing range of verb + particle + preposition + noun or pronoun   An iWeb search for: _VV _RP _I _P 1 GET BACK TO YOU 19937 EVP C1 Korean,Female,4,w They can learn more things from this experience and they might get back to their school with more self-confidence. 2 COME UP WITH SOMETHING 12747 EVP B2 Arabic,Female,5,w Unfortunately, experts have been unable to come up with a cure for autism. …



‘Along’ is a preposition or an adverb. 1 ALONG (II21) 1742449 2 ALONG (II) 812587 4 ALONG (RP) 476307 6 ALONG (RR) 11996