• Nouns are words usually combined with determiners to be the subject or object of verbs.
  • Many nouns have an inflectional form with ...s, they can be singular or plural.
  • Nouns can be replaced with pronouns.
  • Nouns refer to physical objects, entities, abstract concepts, qualities, states, actions, or concepts.
  • Proper nouns are names, such as “John”, “Australia.”
  • Nouns make up more than a third of every text.

preposition + noun

A search in NOW corpus at 17.3 billion words for: _II _NN 1 AS PART 1575548 Many viruses, as part of their life cycle, cause diseases severe enough to kill their hosts. TED 2 IN FACT 1344420 Puberty, in fact, begins in the brain. TED 3 AT HOME 1326800 More young adults are living at home and for longer stretches. TED 4 ON TWITTER 1254553 5 IN PLACE 1165245 6 PER SHARE 503151 7 TO PEOPLE 494547 8 IN MIND 472254 9 …

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plural noun phrase + ARE + THAT clause

A search in the NOW corpus for: the _NN2 are that_CST 1 THE CHANCES ARE THAT 2517 C2 *The article is not necessary: It‘s called wage theft,  and chances are that you or someone you know  has experienced it. TED *’that’ can be omitted: Chances are you know a lot more than you think. listen   *Note that the elements can be rearranged: In fact, the chances that you get rejected at some point in your life,  at some point this year, are high. TED 2 …

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WHAT | WHATEVER noun clause

In the English Vocabulary Profile at B1, listed as pronouns: WHAT = THE THING = used to refer to something without naming it WHATEVER = anything or everything However, one of their examples is a cleft for focus: What I like most about her is her honesty.  is C1 when it is a noun CLAUSE subject. Similarly, we cover ‘whatever’ in more detail …

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OF + determiner + noun

A search in the NOW corpus for: of _D _NN 1 OF THIS YEAR 347705 A1? Until March of this year,  I remained convinced that the denials were true  and that the charges of involvement  by members of the White House staff were false. listen 2 OF THIS ARTICLE 159611 3 OF ALL TIME 157121 superlative + of all time Enzo Ferrari will go down in history  as the greatest car manufacturer of all time. listen 4 OF THESE COOKIES 154496 You have got to try one of these cookies. listen …

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adjective + ORDER

In this post, we search for the most common adjectives found before the noun ‘order‘.  For example: Now, that might sound pretty good, but ask yourself  what would happen  under our current economic and political order? TED A search in the NOW corpus for _J order_N 1 PUBLIC ORDER 37962 2 RESTRAINING ORDER 35066 3 STAY-AT-HOME ORDER 21381 4 NEW ORDER 20398 5 MIDDLE ORDER 16531 6 INTERIM …

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( LITTLE | NEXT | BUT ) TO NO + noun

We profile this prepositional construction at B1 because ‘no‘ can be used to pre-modify nouns at A2. However, it is usually found with extremely advanced phrases related to negative statements. A search in iWeb corpus for: to_II no _NN 1 TO NO AVAIL 26494 C2 unlisted in the EVP They tried to bring a case against her but to no avail. listen 2 TO …

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lexical verb + possessive determiner + noun + TO prepositional phrase

C2 example: Our country owes its creation to a man  they declared insane. listen An iWeb search for: _VV _APPGE _NN to_II 1 MAKE YOUR WAY TO 9604 B2 Please make your way to the nearest exits. listen 2 MAKE THEIR WAY TO 6953 3 MADE THEIR WAY TO 6103 4 CHANGED ITS NAME TO 5283 B2 possessive determiner Facebook changed its name to Meta. But does that mean you should trust it? youtube 5 MADE ITS WAY TO 5135 …

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preposition + article + noun

In this post, we are looking for more advanced uses of the ‘preposition + article + noun phrase‘ structure.  For example: My life has been extraordinarily blessed  with marriage and children and certainly interesting work to do,  whether it be at the University of Sydney Law School,  where I served a term as dean,  or now as I sit on the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,  in Geneva. TED On the whole, a more efficient ship is a quieter ship. TED A search in iWeb corpus for: _I _A _NN 1 AT THE END 1115284 2 IN THE WORLD 1112517 3 …

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noun + OF

A search in iWeb corpus for: _NN of 1 PART OF 4885158 _VV part of 1 BECOME PART OF 45393 Adele has become part of the country’s psyche. listen 2 FORM PART OF 18038 When on duty, you will form part of the armed forces. listen 3 BECAME PART OF 16702 4 FORMS PART OF 13260 5 BECOMES PART OF 8361 6 CONSIDERED PART OF 7249 7 BECOMING …

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AT + possessive determiner + NOUN

A search in the iWeb corpus for: at _APPGE _NN 1 AT HIS HOME 25665 *Although this is basic grammar, it often reports the locations of crimes such as murder.  For example: A man has been shot dead  at his home  in Sydney’s eastern suburbs last night. listen   2 AT YOUR FINGERTIPS 24481 C2 What’s it like to have such power  at your fingertips? listen 3 AT YOUR DISPOSAL 17599 …

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