• Nouns are words usually combined with determiners to be the subject or object of verbs.
  • Many nouns have an inflectional form with ...s, they can be singular or plural.
  • Nouns can be replaced with pronouns.
  • Nouns refer to physical objects, entities, abstract concepts, qualities, states, actions, or concepts.
  • Proper nouns are names, such as “John”, “Australia.”
  • Nouns make up more than a third of every text.

double hyphen words

Here are the iWeb search results for an attempt to get double hyphenated nouns: *-*_N *Note that many of these results may be adjectives.  Most of these will be at the very least B2. 1 ONE-OF-A-KIND 40130 2 STEP-BY-STEP 23794 3 MOTHER-IN-LAW 22141 Your mother-in-law invited me. listen 4 BROTHER-IN-LAW 21775 5 SON-IN-LAW 20170 6 SISTER-IN-LAW 17571 7

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article + noun + OF

Here are the results from the iWeb corpus for: _A _NN of 1 A LOT OF 3787315 A2 2 THE END OF 1984621 Everybody chokes sometimes. It‘s not the end of the world. listen 3 A NUMBER OF 1464260 I had a very good one for a number of years, thank you. listen 4 THE NUMBER OF 1194874 5 THE REST OF 1102466 6 A COUPLE OF 1090076

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noun + preposition + MIND

Here are the search results in the iWeb corpus for: _NN _I mind 1 PEACE OF MIND 92742 C2 “Peace of mind” is a noun phrase that means a feeling of being safe or protected, or a mental state of calmness or tranquility. For example: And it‘s peace of mind for me, you know? listen 2 STATE OF MIND 30565 It is my opinion that  Senior Chief Kelly is

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the mouth of the

The mouth of something can mean the place where a river flows into the sea or a larger body of water. For example: We‘ve got to get our hero, Captain Willard, to the mouth of the Nung River  so he can go pursue Colonel Kurtz. TED It was here that Homer described the Greek encampment  at the mouth of the Scamander River. TED   Located at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal,  this coastal village was built on top of the Meghna River delta. TED It

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lexical verb + noun

My parents are moving house and didn’t tell me. listen Here are the search results from iWeb corpus for: _VV _NN 1 TAKE ADVANTAGE 333879 2 TAKE PLACE 325996 3 TAKE CARE 306138 4 TOOK PLACE 216397 5 MAKES SENSE 214827 6 TAKES PLACE 199817 7 MAKE SENSE 197141 8 TAKING PLACE 140481 9 TAKE PART 130666 10 PAY ATTENTION 127171 11

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plural noun phrase + ARE + THAT clause

Here is an example of B2 focus with a singular noun phrase at the front of a sentence: The problem is that she wants a bottle of red wine. listen It is easy to find information about singular noun phrases + that clauses on the internet: We use a noun + that-clause to express opinions and feelings, often about certainty and possibility. We

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WHAT | WHATEVER noun clause

In the English Vocabulary Profile at B1, listed as pronouns: WHAT = THE THING = used to refer to something without naming it WHATEVER = anything or everything However, one of their examples is a cleft for focus: What I like most about her is her honesty.  is C1 when it is a noun CLAUSE subject. Similarly, we cover ‘whatever’ in more detail

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OF + determiner + noun

A search in the NOW corpus for: of _D _NN 1 OF THIS YEAR 347705 A1? Until March of this year,  I remained convinced that the denials were true  and that the charges of involvement  by members of the White House staff were false. listen 2 OF THIS ARTICLE 159611 3 OF ALL TIME 157121 superlative + of all time Enzo Ferrari will go down in history  as the greatest car manufacturer of all time. listen 4 OF THESE COOKIES 154496 You have got to try one of these cookies. listen

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adjective + ORDER

In this post, we search for the most common adjectives found before the noun ‘order‘.  For example: Now, that might sound pretty good, but ask yourself  what would happen  under our current economic and political order? TED A search in the NOW corpus for _J order_N 1 PUBLIC ORDER 37962 2 RESTRAINING ORDER 35066 3 STAY-AT-HOME ORDER 21381 4 NEW ORDER 20398 5 MIDDLE ORDER 16531 6 INTERIM

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