• Nouns are words usually combined with determiners to be the subject or object of verbs.
  • Many nouns have an inflectional form with ...s, they can be singular or plural.
  • Nouns can be replaced with pronouns.
  • Nouns refer to physical objects, entities, abstract concepts, qualities, states, actions, or concepts.
  • Proper nouns are names, such as “John”, “Australia.”
  • Nouns make up more than a third of every text.

time adjuncts

A1 point 1 in the category of NOUNS/phrases: AS ADJUNCTS in some time expressions. The English Grammar Profile examples include: …you tomorrow morning. …her tomorrow …interview today. …you again next week. A search in iWeb for: _P _MD _NNT 1 IT LAST YEAR 6046 2 IT LAST NIGHT 4620 3 IT NEXT TIME 3336 4 …

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my | your | his | her | our + NOUN

A1 point 9 in the category of DETERMINERS is defined: possessive determiners ‘my’, ‘your’, ‘his’, ‘her’ and ‘our’ before nouns. A search in iWeb for: my|your|his|her|our _NN 1 YOUR BUSINESS 624027 You need to know a lot of things about how to make your business. TLC STUDENT EXAMPLE male Russia B2 2 YOUR HOME 598828 3 MY LIFE 576086 4 YOUR LIFE 560286 5 YOUR …

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A noun OF noun (quantity expression) ‘a piece of paper’

A2 point 26 in the category of NOUNS is defined: QUANTITY EXPRESSIONS: refer to an individual example or quantity of an uncountable noun using words for containers and countable items. a search in iWeb for: a_AT _NN1 of _NN1 *we have removed examples that don’t match the grammar. 5 A PIECE OF PAPER 27250 Student …

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nouns only in the plural (agreement)

Here’s an example of the plural only noun ‘pants’ agreeing with the determiner ‘these’ and the verb ‘are’ These pants are lycra. Listen to this sentence. Here’s a student example: His jeans were too tight. PELIC Korean female level 5 listening class. A2 point 16 in the category of NOUNS is defined: NOUNS ONLY USED IN THE PLURAL with plural …

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determiner + noun phrase (increasing range)

Here’s a student example of a determiner + uncountable noun: My teacher told me “enjoy the music and you will dance naturally.” PELIC Taiwanese female level 3 writing class A2 point 18 in the category of  NOUNS is defined: form simple noun phrases by pre-modifying nouns with an increasing range of determiners. A2 point 24 in the category of NOUNS: form …

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must see

Usually, must is a modal verb. You must see this movie. You must see the difference. (see can mean understand/notice) However, ‘must’ can be a noun. It’s a must. = This is a thing that you must do. There are new combinations: As an adjective: It’s a must-see movie. =  It’s a movie that you …

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there is | there are

Although ‘There is’ and ‘There are’ is an A1 elementary piece of grammar, the noun phrases as complements are quite difficult for English learners. The following sentences are corrected sentences from Thai students: There are many religions in Thailand. There are many different cultures and traditions. There are many fresh plants and beautiful flowers. See uncorrected versions here. Point 1 in the category of  VERBS: there is/are + singular noun …

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irregular plural noun + ‘s + noun

Point 44 in the category of DETERMINERS is defined as: ‘S after irregular plural nouns to indicate possession. Here’s an expert example: Women‘s organizations were active participants from the beginning. (Listen to this sentence) A search in iWeb for: _NN2 _GE _NN We removed those that are not irregular. 1 CHILDREN ‘S HOSPITAL 34865 2 MEN ‘S BASKETBALL 22178 3 WOMEN …

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quantifying determiner + possessive determiner + OF + noun phrase

A2 Point 29 in DETERMINERS is defined: quantifying determiners + possessive determiners + ‘of’ + noun. (noun phrases) *There are other A2 determiner grammar points that are less specific,  not requiring quantity or possession. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: In fact, some of my habits are changed by my mood. Arabic male level 3 writing class. An iWeb search for: _D of _AP _NN …

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not + any | many | much + NOUN

When grammar points are from the same CEFR level, and in the same category, we believe it is more useful to have a single post that covers them.  Both these A2 points come from the category of DETERMINERS/quantity. Point 15: ‘many’ with plural nouns in negative contexts. Point 23: ‘much’ with uncountable nouns in negative …

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There ‘BE’ a lot of + NOUN

Point 15 in the category of VERBS is defined: ‘there is’ and ‘there are’ + ‘a lot of’ + plural noun iWeb doesn’t allow for longer than 5 token searches: _EX _VB a lot of 1 THERE ARE A LOT OF 145235 2 THERE IS A LOT OF 69785 3 THERE ‘S A LOT OF …

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Exclamative ‘what’ can precede the indefinite article and is, therefore, a predeterminer.  Here’s an example: What a surprise! Listen In the English Grammar Profile, A2 point 38 in the category of CLAUSES/exclamations: ‘What a’ + noun phrase and ‘What a’ + noun phrase + clause However, in the English Vocabulary Profile, ‘what’ is listed at B1 …

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noun phrase + relative clause

Here are two student examples of complex noun phrases using relative clauses as complements: In addition, the people who lived in Korea 100 years ago didn’t have enough transportation. PELIC Arabic male level 5 writing class   Here are some of the things which I got. TLC speaking test female Kannada B2 A2 point 34 in CLAUSES is defined: a defining relative clause with ‘who‘ as the subject A2 point 20 in …

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