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In the English Vocabulary Profile, ‘one’ is listed as a determiner at A2 = to refer to a particular person or thing in a group This is one of the most important documents in history. listen In this context, “one” is used to indicate a particular but unspecified example of something, in this case, a document. It’s part of the phrase

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The use of the conjunction ‘plus’ is covered by two different B1 grammar points in the English Grammar Profile. Point 14 in CONJUNCTIONS/coordinating is defined as: ‘PLUS’ WITH NOUNS often in relation to numbers. The home offers four bedrooms plus a study which could be a potential fifth bedroom.   Point 12 is: ‘plus’ to connect clauses and sentences, often to point out a positive addition or

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all | both | a few + PLURAL NOUN

‘All’ and ‘both’ are predeterminers, meaning they come before other determiners.  For example: “All the things”, “both our children” In the English Grammar Profile, A2 point 22 in DETERMINERS is defined as: increasing range of quantifying determiners with plural nouns ‘all’, ‘both’, ‘a few’ In the English Vocabulary Profile: a few = A2 some, or

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We use claws7 tagging software to analyze the part of speech of ‘over’.  Claws7 is used in iWeb corpus so it is easy to also look for examples. I go_VV0 over_RP the_AT bridge_NN1 ._. (if lexical verb before then ‘over’ is a particle, regardless if followed by a noun or prepositional phrase) I go_VV0 over_RP

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A search in iWeb for the word “ONE” shows us 6 different tags. 1 ONE (MC1) 24583449 (number) 1  . ONE OF THE 217127 2  THIS IS ONE OF THE 109499 3  TO BE ONE OF THE 88041 4  IT IS ONE OF THE 66555 5  IT ‘S ONE OF THE 42852 It‘s one of the worst crimes of

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