When the object and the subject refer to the same person or thing, the direct object is a ‘reflexive‘ pronoun.


The verb ‘assert’ is C1 in the English Vocabulary Profile:  [T] FORMAL to say that something is certainly true ‘assert yourself’ is C2: to behave or speak in a strong, confident way For example: Bright Side Of The Sun The Suns began to assert themselves midway through the fourth.       or ‘assert your authority/control/independence, etc.’ is also C2: to do something …

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VERB + myself | yourself | himself | itself | herself

B1 Point 55 in the category of PRONOUNS is defined as: increasing range of singular reflexive pronouns with an increasing range of verbs to refer to actions where the subject and object of the verb are the same. A2 Point 12: range of singular reflexive pronouns (‘myself’, ‘yourself’) with a limited range of verbs (‘enjoy’, …

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himself | herself | myself | yourself

There are three very similar B1 points in the English Grammar Profile in the Category of PRONOUNS/singular reflexive Point 45 is defined as: ‘myself’, ‘yourself’, ‘himself’ and ‘herself’ after prepositions where the object of the preposition is the same as the subject of the verb. Point 65 is: ‘myself’, ‘yourself’, ‘himself’ and ‘herself’ for emphasis. …

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As for myself

Point 119 in PRONOUNS/reflexive is defined as: ‘as for myself’ as a discourse marker to introduce or focus on a personal opinion. FOR EXAMPLE: As for myself, I have some ideas about where we went wrong this time, and one day I may call on you once more. listen     TechRaptor As for myself, I am an artist in the loosest possible definition of the word; that is to say, I make art. 16 Dec 2020 A search in iWeb corpus for: . As …

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by itself

Point 77 in the category of PRONOUNS is defined as: the reflexive pronoun ‘itself’ with ‘by’ to mean alone or without any help. collocates 4 spaces either side of ‘by itself’ in iWeb include: 1 ENOUGH 1922 2 CLASS 1155 3 SUFFICIENT 780 4 STAND 558 1416 5 MULTIPLIED 455 6 STANDS 366 7 MULTIPLY …

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GET + reflexive pronoun + past participle

You should get yourself checked by your doctor. This is an example of the B2 grammar point. point 18 in PASSIVES is defined as: reflexive pronoun with the ‘get’-passive [get] _ppx _vvn 1 GET YOURSELF CHECKED 313   The Indian Express Don’t miss your dental check-ups, here’s why If you get yourself checked at a …

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