B2 or upper-intermediate students are around an IELTS 6.  The language that they can produce nears the border of being able to start a university course in English.  Click here to see a full list of all our B2 grammar topics.

double hyphen words

Here are the iWeb search results for an attempt to get double hyphenated nouns: *-*_N *Note that many of these results may be adjectives.  Most of these will be at the very least B2. 1 ONE-OF-A-KIND 40130 2 STEP-BY-STEP 23794 3 MOTHER-IN-LAW 22141 Your mother-in-law invited me. listen 4 BROTHER-IN-LAW 21775 5 SON-IN-LAW 20170 6 SISTER-IN-LAW 17571 7 […]

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Particularizers are a category of adverbs that focus attention on what follows them, without excluding other possibilities. They are used to modify verbs and adjectives and can be found at different levels of English Vocabulary Profile such as A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.
The TED corpus has some examples of particularizers used in natural chunks. For example, “especially when it comes” is a 4-gram chunk that is at least C1 level. “Largely due to” is another 3-gram chunk that is at least C1 level. “Mainly because” is a 2-gram chunk that is at least B2 level.

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all in one | one by one

In this post, we look at adverbial phrases with the pronoun  ‘one‘.  In the English Vocabulary Profile: (all) in one = C2 combined into a single thing one by one= B2 separately, one after the other Frequency in iWeb corpus: one by one 135405 all in one 60329 For example: What if they asked,  you could use them as a living probiotic drink  and health monitor, all in one? TED

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TAKE * noun TO infinitive

A search in the NOW corpus for TAKE * _NN1 _TO _VVI 1 TOOK TO TWITTER TO SHARE 5632 UNLISTED  And fans were angry  and they took to Twitter  with the hashtag #WeWantLeia. TED 2 TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK 5134 B2 We want to take this opportunity to thank you for coming  and taking the time to pay your respects. listen 3 TOOK TO TWITTER TO EXPRESS 3331 4 TAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ENSURE 2530 5 TAKES A VILLAGE TO

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MAKE + noun phrase + OF

This structure is generally B2 grammar because it often comes with a wide range of general reference nouns without a determiner.  However, more detail can be found in the English Vocabulary Profile regarding meaning and level: make fun of sb/sth = B2 to make a joke about someone or something in an unkind way make

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adjective + VALUES

In the English Vocabulary Profile: values = B2 the beliefs people have about what is right and wrong and what is most important in life, which control their behaviour A search in NOW corpus for: _JJ values_N 1 DEMOCRATIC VALUES 11972 Give a full and detailed account of who supports you,  where your arms and supplies come from and that your aim is the overthrow of established democratic values. listen 2 SHARED VALUES 10229 3 MORAL VALUES 8609 4 CULTURAL VALUES

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writing feedback 2 from Bhutan

The following piece of writing was given to me to give feedback and I used the complexity checker to help me decide this is B2 at least. Emily‘s Letter 12/12/2020 Hey Paul, The view from here looks great; I can see all the roads that we‘ve walked around, the park where we first shared our first kiss and that pink cafe where you proposed [to] me for marriage. Thinking of our happy moments makes me want to change my decision of falling from this skyscraper. The day I told you I was pregnant made us both proud parents and Jules became the love of our lives. I thought everything was going to be perfect, but life is not a happy picnic. Flash forward into our lives and you have changed, you ignored Jules who was sixteen. When you came home, you and I would fight about everything. I still have a scar on my right cheek when you pushed me to the closet after we fought about how you forgot our anniversary. That scar still hurts me and makes me question if I wasn’t good enough for you. On 16 May 2019, we received a call from Jules’ teacher who told us that Jules overdosed on drugs. We both failed as parents and you blamed Jules’ death on me. We played the ugly blame game and you just left with your things. You never showed up and when you sent in those divorce papers, I had to painfully sign it. A year passed by and I would wake up to face the living nightmares.

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