B2 or upper-intermediate students are around an IELTS 6.  The language that they can produce nears the border of being able to start a university course in English.  Click here to see a full list of all our B2 grammar topics.

to-infinitive + noun phrase + comparative

In the English Vocabulary Profile at B2: to make matters worse = to make a situation more difficult, unpleasant, etc. If the most common example of to-infinitive + noun + comparative is listed at B2, then it would make sense that other less common should also be considered as B2.  The closest form which is clearly …

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yet + another | again | more

Listed in the English Vocabulary Profile at C2: yet another/more, etc. used to show that you are surprised or annoyed that something is being repeated or increased At B2,  Yet again again after something has happened or been done many times before However, this structure is also listed at B2 in the Cambridge dictionary: used …

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writing feedback 2 from Bhutan

The following piece of writing was given to me to give feedback and I used the complexity checker to help me decide this is B2 at least. Emily‘s Letter 12/12/2020 Hey Paul, The view from here looks great; I can see all the roads that we‘ve walked around, the park where we first shared our first kiss and that pink cafe where you proposed [to] me for marriage. Thinking of our happy moments makes me want to change my decision of falling from this skyscraper. The day I told you I was pregnant made us both proud parents and Jules became the love of our lives. I thought everything was going to be perfect, but life is not a happy picnic. Flash forward into our lives and you have changed, you ignored Jules who was sixteen. When you came home, you and I would fight about everything. I still have a scar on my right cheek when you pushed me to the closet after we fought about how you forgot our anniversary. That scar still hurts me and makes me question if I wasn’t good enough for you. On 16 May 2019, we received a call from Jules’ teacher who told us that Jules overdosed on drugs. We both failed as parents and you blamed Jules’ death on me. We played the ugly blame game and you just left with your things. You never showed up and when you sent in those divorce papers, I had to painfully sign it. A year passed by and I would wake up to face the living nightmares. …

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In the English Vocabulary Profile, the B2 noun ‘extent’ is listed in phrases with ‘to’. NOUN: the size or importance of something mainly in some ways A search in NOW corpus for: to_II * * extent 1 TO A LARGE EXTENT 15605 After all, life will always be to a large extent what we ourselves make it. listen 2 TO A CERTAIN EXTENT 14788 3 TO A …

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All the English Vocabulary Profile, all the vocabulary is listed at B2 or lower. A search in COCA: 1 APPROPRIATE WAY 544 2 APPROPRIATE RESPONSE 541 I found the appropriate response to these situations a long time ago. listen 3 APPROPRIATE ACTION 450 4 APPROPRIATE LEVEL 345 5 APPROPRIATE TREATMENT 268 6 APPROPRIATE WAYS 175 7 APPROPRIATE RESPONSES 122 8 APPROPRIATE LEVELS 121 9 APPROPRIATE …

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APPLY + equally | method | theory

In the English Vocabulary Profile, all the vocabulary in this set of collocations is at B1 except for ‘equally’ at B2. I apply this lesson equally well to my personal life.   About 75 percent of people who applied to jobs using various methods in the past year said they never heard anything back from the employer.   We have applied this theory to many systems.

ANNUAL + noun

A search in iWeb for: annual conference|meeting|rate|report|review 1 ANNUAL REPORT 47760 Sustainability goals have been written into annual reports all over the world. 2 ANNUAL MEETING 45673 I hadn’t seen Melquiades for about 10 years and when we had our annual meetings in Lima, Peru a couple of years ago,  the filmmakers found him. 3 ANNUAL CONFERENCE 24962 4 ANNUAL RATE 11484 5 ANNUAL REVIEW 6732

academic collocations of ‘alternative’

If we check ‘text inspector’ without part of speech: when we check for nouns: A search in iWeb for: alternative approach|explanation|form|interpretation|means|method|model|solution|source|strategy|view|way 1 ALTERNATIVE WAY 6465 2 ALTERNATIVE METHOD 6153 I believe we might be at a point where we might want to try some alternative methods. listen 3 ALTERNATIVE APPROACH 4546 Isn’t there an alternative approach? listen 4 ALTERNATIVE MEANS 3901 5 ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION 3228 6 ALTERNATIVE SOURCE 1925 …

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eager | eagerness + infinitive

In the English Vocabulary Profile, the adjective ‘eager’ and the uncountable noun ‘eagerness’ are listed at B2 with the meanings: wanting to do or have something very much when you are eager to do something They are often followed by TO-infinitive. For example, And his eagerness to leave his mother‘s womb was the very reason he was the one who was selected. listen   Do not be too eager to deal out death and judgment. listen A search for eagerness …

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In the English Vocabulary Profile, the noun ‘determination’ is listed at B2 with the meaning: when someone continues trying to do something, although it is very difficult For example: Fretting arises from our determination to have our own way. listen ‘determination’ is often followed by an infinitive. A search in iWeb corpus for: determination TO _VVI 1 DETERMINATION TO MAKE 1407 2 DETERMINATION TO …

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fulfil ambition TO infinitive

The noun ‘ambition’ is often followed by an infinitive.  Here’s an EXPERT example: I see the people that do the real work and what’s really said, in a way, is that the people that are the most giving,  hardworking and capable of making this world better, usually don’t have the ego and ambition to be a leader. listen Student example from PELIC: I believe that you need to associate with positive people who have an ambition to live a happy life. Korean male level 4 writing class Often, the C1 verb ‘fulfil’ takes ‘ambition’ as an object.  PELIC student example: Furthermore, children need an educational environment that is prepared and ready to fulfill their ambitions. Arabic male level 4 …

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Here’s an example of this academic collocation: And this data is key because it really helps cities understand where people are using,  how to allocate resources and the effectiveness of programming over time.   A search in iWeb for allocat* resourc* 1 ALLOCATE RESOURCES 3008 2 ALLOCATING RESOURCES 1467 3 ALLOCATED RESOURCES 470 4 ALLOCATES RESOURCES 340 5 ALLOCATED RESOURCE 44 A collocate search in COCA for allocate resources: 1 HOW 19 2 EFFICIENTLY 9 …


in the long run

‘in the long run’ is B2 in the English Vocabulary Profile with the meaning at a time that is far away in the future A search for collocates of ‘in the long run’ in the COCA: 1 MONEY 200 2 CHEAPER 58 3 EFFECTIVE 38 4 BENEFIT 30 5 SUSTAINABLE 27 6 SURVIVE 25 7 …

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BE + banned from + VERB-ing

In this post, we explore the passive + prepositional phrase with gerund complement: ‘Be banned from doing‘ For example: I was banned from seeing her. listen You‘re banned from busking. listen In the English Vocabulary Profile, ‘ban’ is listed at B2: VERB [T usually passive] (-nn-) to forbid something, especially officially NOUN [C] an official order that prevents something from happening An iWeb …

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