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Verb + VerbING

Point 56 in Verbs/patterns is defined as an increasing range of verbs followed by an ‘-ing’ form. A search for _VV _VVG in iWeb corpus: 1 KEEP GOING 656012 STARTED USING 54040 3 RECOMMEND USING 51031 1 WE RECOMMEND USING ONE OF 182 Tom’s Guide We recommend using one of the best password managers to […]

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Point 49 in VERBS/phrasal-prepositional is defined as: increasing range of verb + particle + preposition + noun or pronoun   An iWeb search for: _VV _RP _I _P 1 GET BACK TO YOU 19937 EVP C1 Korean,Female,4,w They can learn more things from this experience and they might get back to their school with more self-confidence. 2 COME UP WITH SOMETHING 12747 EVP B2 Arabic,Female,5,w Unfortunately, experts have been unable to come up with a cure for autism. […]

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phrasal verbs

There are 9 similar points across the English Grammar Profile in the category of VERBS covering phrasal verbs across the levels.  And the differentiation between the levels becomes difficult to interpret  since it is more about the vocabulary.  For this reason, the English Vocabulary Profile is probably more beneficial even though the logic of what […]

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