• The object is a noun, a noun phrase, or a pronoun.
  • Objects are found with a wide range of verbs.
  • The action of a verb affects the object.
  • Prepositions have objects too.

basic pronouns in English

We love the English Grammar Profile, however, there are often times when many grammar points should be one grammar point.  For example, there are many points dealing with basic pronouns at the A1 level. 1 ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘it’, ‘we’ and ‘they’ in the subject position before a verb in statements. I like it here, but I don’t like the name. …

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YOURS (object)

Here’s an example of the possessive pronoun ‘yours’ in object position. It’s just like yours. Listen to the pronunciation. A2 point 21 in the category of PRONOUNS: the possessive pronoun ‘yours’, with singular reference, in object positions, and complement positions after ‘be’ and after prepositions A search in iWeb corpus for: * * * yours .   …

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reporting verbs

In the English Grammar Profile, A2 point 18 in the category of VERBS/patterns is defined as: reporting verbs, especially mental process verbs, with a clause as the direct object, without ‘that’, especially in informal contexts. For example: I hope you are doing well.   *notably, in the English Grammar Profile examples, all the verbs but ‘said’ are in the present …

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some | any | each | a few + of + PRONOUN

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 49 in the category of PRONOUNS/quantity  is defined as: increasing range of pronouns (‘some’, ‘a few’, ‘any’, ‘each’) with ‘of’ followed by an object pronoun. An iWeb search for: some|any|each of _P 1 SOME OF THEM 180790 TLC SPEAKING TEST EXAMPLE: There are many types of chocolates in this world, but unfortunately,  I‘m a fussy girl and I just like some of them. female, India, …

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Point 61 in the category of PRONOUNS/quantity is defined as: ‘BOTH’, ‘A FEW’, ‘ANOTHER’ as subject and object pronouns. *We have covered the use of ‘another’ here. A search in iWeb corpus for: . both _V 1 . BOTH ARE 48684 2 . BOTH HAVE 15241 3 . BOTH WERE 15188 4 . BOTH WILL …

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This post contains an example of overlapping B1 grammar points located inside two different categories in the English Grammar Profile (EGP). EGP B1 point 6 in the category of REPORTED SPEECH is defined as: REPORTED REQUESTS AND COMMANDS with ‘ask’ or ‘tell’ + direct object and ‘to-‘infinitive EGP B1 point 38 in the category of …


HELP + object + infinitive

The verb ‘help’ can be followed by a bare infinitive clause or a to-infinitive clause.  In the following examples ‘understand’ is a bare infinitive (without ‘to’),  ‘to remember’ is the to-infinitive.  The pronouns ‘us’ and ‘you’ are objects. Help us understand your father‘s work. listen These might help you to remember the truth. listen B1 point 40 in the category of VERBS/patterns: ‘help’ + object + infinitive …

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sense verb + OBJECT + VERB-ing

B2 point 54 in VERBS/patterns is defined as: some verbs connected with the senses + direct object + an ‘-ing’ form, to give emphasis to an ongoing activity. *I don’t believe B2 complexity should hinge on ‘activity’.  It should also include a state.  For example: I don’t see myself being with anyone else but you, Sarah. listen An iWeb search for: sense verbs …

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‘Another‘ is listed at A2 in the English Vocabulary Profile as a determiner or pronoun, with the meanings: one more person or thing, or an additional amount a different person or thing of the same type In the English Grammar Profile at B1, there are many points covering the use of ‘another’.  Considering that they …

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