some | any | each | a few + of + PRONOUN

some | any | each | a few + of + PRONOUN

Point 49 in the category of PRONOUNS/quantity  is defined as:

increasing range of pronouns (‘some’, ‘a few’, ‘any’, ‘each’) with ‘of’ followed by an object pronoun.

An iWeb search for:

some|any|each of _P

1 SOME OF THEM 180790


There are many types of chocolates in this world,

but unfortunately, I’m a fussy girl and I just like some of them.

female, India, B1

2 SOME OF YOU 81367
3 ANY OF THEM 61411
4 SOME OF US 59785
5 EACH OF THEM 57608
6 SOME OF IT 47290

7 EACH OF US 42384


Our teacher wants a profile from each of us.

Polish, Male, Level 4, Grammar Class.

8 ANY OF YOU 39824

If any of you want to try this, let me know.


9 ANY OF US 23037
10 ANY OF IT 18763

a few of _P

1 A FEW OF THEM 25066
2 A FEW OF US 6833
3 A FEW OF YOU 4884


In this article, we are going to talk about a few of them.

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