We use claws7 tagging software to analyze the part of speech of ‘over’.  Claws7 is used in iWeb corpus so it is easy to also look for examples.

I go_VV0 over_RP the_AT bridge_NN1 ._. 
(if lexical verb before then 'over' is a particle,
 regardless if followed by a noun or prepositional phrase)
I go_VV0 over_RP for_IF lunch_NN1 .
I go_VV0 over_RP .
(But if the verb 'BE' precedes 'over', 
and it is followed by a noun phrase, then it is a preposition.)
I am_VBM over_II the_AT bridge_NN1 . 
I sit_VV0 over_RP the_AT bridge_NN1 .
I am_VBM over_RG 18_MC .
('over' becomes a degree adverb when followed by a number or time.) 
I 'm_VBM over_RG 18_MC , so I can drive_VVI over_RP .
My_APPGE car_NN1 is_VBZ over_RL21 here_RL22 ._.

1 OVER (II) 5556774

‘over’ is usually a preposition which means it is followed by a noun phrase.

2 OVER (RG) 2900750

‘over’ is next most common as a degree adverb.  Here it is usually followed by a number and noun of time.


We‘ve been dating for over a year now, 

and I think it’s about time 

people met my beautiful girlfriend.



3 OVER (RP) 2142008

Adverb particle

I seem to have this dream over and over again.


4 OVER (RL21) 56404 B1 OVER HERE

2 part locative adverb

Would you get over here and sit down, please?


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