• probability
  • chance
  • prospect
  • possibility

if + PRESENT SIMPLE (real conditions)

Point 31 in the category of CLAUSES/conditional is defined as: ‘if’ + present simple with present simple, ‘can’ or imperative in the main clause to refer to things that are true now or very likely to happen. *Note this point overlaps many others, such as: A2 if you want | like | prefer + imperative …

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Here’s a student example of using ‘should’ with explanations: Finally, I think people should not watch TV a lot because that is going to affect their life in many ways,  such as their work and their health. PELIC Arabic male in level 3 writing class. We can give a CEFR level to the clause ‘people should not watch TV‘ in many ways. It is A2 because:  ‘should not‘ is a negative form of a …

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adjective + (that) clause

Here’s a student example of an adjective followed by a ‘that’ clause. However, I am sure that the most useful English for you is American English. PELIC Korean male level 4 writing In the English Grammar Profile (EGP), there are many points that are hard to differentiate and some have conflicting information. EGP point 22 MODALITY/adjectives at A2: BE’ + ‘SURE‘ + CLAUSE …

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