‘In order not to’ + INFINITIVE

PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: I think we should do our best at the present moment in order not to be regretful. Chinese male level 5 writing class. We will only cover half of: GSE 60 B2 express negative purpose with ‘so as/in order not to’ In order not to seem stupid, he didn’t say anything. I came in very quietly, so as not to wake anyone. because ‘so as not to’ is at C1 in the English Vocabulary Profile.  ‘in order …

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C1 English Grammar Profile point 35 in PASSIVES is defined as: ‘get’ + object + ‘-ed’ to talk about causing or instructing something to happen or to be done by somebody else, often informally For example: Now, as it happens, I do have some connections in the drilling business who might help get us started. listen A search in iWeb for: GET _N _VVN *not all the following match our grammar …


GET | HAVE + object + past participle

Here’s an example of someone or something causing something to happen to you while you are passive: All I can say is,  get ready to have your mind blown. listen ‘Proactive’ means ‘taking action by causing change and not only reacting to change when it happens.’  In this post related to causative verbs, we look at two different resources. In the English Grammar Profile …

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