Here’s a student example of using ‘should’ with explanations: Finally, I think people should not watch TV a lot because that is going to affect their life in many ways,  such as their work and their health. PELIC Arabic male in level 3 writing class. We can give a CEFR level to the clause ‘people should not watch TV‘ in many ways. It is A2 because:  ‘should not‘ is a negative form of a …

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BE + bound | likely | meant | obliged + TO

*There is an interactive word tree exercise for this B2 grammar here. B2 English Grammar Profile point 152 in MODALITY overlaps many other modality points.  So here we will cover those not already covered elsewhere. It is defined as: the full range of expressions with ‘be’ + infinitive (‘be likely to’, ‘be due to’, ‘be …

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