defining relative clause without a relative pronoun

Point 36 in CLAUSES/relative is defined as: defining relative clause, without a relative pronoun This is a hard structure to locate in corpora.  We can start by searching for: _NN _PP _VV 1 TIME IT TAKES 41863 2 INFORMATION YOU NEED Korean,Male,5,w Every system, such as ticketing, baggage checking, hotel booking and schedule changing is controlled by computers , and you can get information you need at nearby computers. *our grammar gets hidden by B1 […]

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Point 19 in A2 ADVERBS as modifiers is defined as: LINKING limited range of adverbs (‘also’, ‘so’, ‘however’) to show a relationship between two clauses or sentences. The EGP examples: I_PPIS1 also_RR bought_VVD ,_, so_CS I_PPIS1 decided_VVD However_RR ,_, the_AT clothes_NN2 were_VBDR cheap_JJ ._. This point partially overlaps point 11 in B1 CONJUNCTIONS/subordinating which is […]

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plural noun + -ES

Point 19 in NOUNS is defined as: plurals by adding ‘-es’ to countable nouns ending in ‘-o’, ‘-ch’, ‘-s’, ‘-sh’, ‘-x’ or ‘-z’. A search on iWeb for: *oes_N 1 SHOES 688509 2 HEROES 282618 PELIC STUDENT: Male,623,4,w Dressing up like super heroes is quite popular. *The above example is hidden by other grammar points.   3 POTATOES 225187 4 TOMATOES […]

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