here | there (place)

In the English Grammar Profile,  A1 point 3 in ADVERBS is defined: a limited range of adverbs (‘here’, ‘there’) to indicate place. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: I like to go there to eat food. Chinese female level 3 writing class. An iWeb search for: *many of the following results are not appropriate to this grammar point or A1 level. * * _VV …

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far away | downstairs | nearby | upstairs

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 48 in ADVERBS/as modifiers is defined as: an increasing range of adverbs and adverb phrases (‘near’, ‘far away’, ‘upstairs’, ‘downstairs’) to indicate place An iWeb search for: _VV far away 1 STAY FAR AWAY 1252 I suggest you stay far away from me. (covered by B2 grammar when followed by a prepositional phrase)   You want some free advice about this one? Stay far …

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