A1 is the beginner level of English. We have lots of information for grammar learners at A1.

like | want (verb pattern)

Let’s look at the like and ‘want verb pattern’.  They are different because  ‘like’ can be followed by to-infinitve or Verb-ing.   ‘want’ is only followed by the to-infinitive.  For example: “I like using the internet” or “I like to use the internet.” have the same meaning.  “I want to use the internet.” is correct, but …

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past simple affirmative (range)

Here’s an example of past simple with academic collocation: I added some information now. (listen to this sentence) There are 3 entries in the English Grammar Profile for past simple affirmative range.  This point is best covered by the English Vocabulary Profile since it offers much more detail about vocabulary. A1 point 1 is defined: past simple affirmative form …

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simple prepositions (range)

When it comes to single word grammar points such as single-word prepositions, the English Vocabulary Profile is much better at explaining range than the English Grammar Profile.  For that reason, this post will only cover the prepositions appearing in the EGP examples. A1 is defined: prepositional phrases with a preposition and a noun phrase. limited …

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usually | often | never | weekly + (present simple)

There are many points at A2 that are related to adverbs and overlap.  Sadly there is some clash of information between the levels of A1 and A2 though. Point 7 in the category of PRESENT is defined as: present simple WITH ADVERBS OF INDEFINITE FREQUENCY In the example sentences, we find ‘usually’ and ‘always’ used. …

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There are many points that relate to ‘NO ARTICLE’ in the English Grammar Profile.  Although there are overlapping examples across some of the levels, the main difference in regards to marking complexity relies on the level of the vocabulary used.  For this reason, it is probably better to rely more on the English Vocabulary Profile …

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can’t (clashing levels)

There are at least 7 grammar points related to the negative form of ‘can’ in the category of MODALITY in the English Grammar Profile.  Four of these cannot be differentiated by form alone automatically, so, therefore, will require manual interpretation.  These are: Point 12  A1 can negative.    Point 50 can A2: give and refuse …

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would like

In the English Grammar Profile, there are three points that are A1 with the ‘would like’ form. A search on iWeb for * would like * * 1 I WOULD LIKE TO SEE 27029   Tennis World I would like to see Rafael Nadal on the court with some of the top female players. When …

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Present Continuous

Here are some student writing examples of present continuous highlighted with details: I am typing English words right now. PELIC Chinese female level 2 writing class   However, we also can interpret from the graph that we aren’t preparing for it yet.  PELIC Korean female level 3 writing class   I am always falling over one of his toy cars or trucks. PELIC Arabic male level 3 writing class   There are at least 30 points to do with the present …

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A1 quiz

Here are some beginner English exercises. A1 means you can use this basic language. Put the words in the spaces ….. …..