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The word ‘all’ can have different meanings depending on the context. It can mean the wholethe totalthe complete, or every one of something or someone. For example, “all the cake” means the whole cake, “all the way” means the total distance, “all year” means the complete year, and “all students” means every student.

In English grammar, a determiner is a word that comes before a noun to tell us more about it. There are four main types of determiners: articles (the, a, an), possessives (ours, yours, hers, his, mine, theirs), demonstratives (that, this, there, these, those), and quantifiers (all, many, few).

predeterminer is a type of determiner that comes before central determiners (articles and possessives) and post-determiners (quantifiers). The only three predeterminers in English are allboth, and half.

For example, in the phrase “all the children”, the word “all” is a predeterminer. It comes before the central determiner “the” and tells us that we are referring to all of the children.

Here are some other examples of predeterminers:

  • Both the boys and the girls went to the park.
  • Half of the cake was eaten.
  • Once a week, I go to the movies.

All‘ is a predeterminer which means that it comes before central and post-determiners if there are any.  For example: ‘all the people’.


In this post, we look at “all” in a short noun phrase.

1 ALL DAY 276848

2 ALL THINGS 219082 C1 idiom?

All things consideredI feel pretty good.


3 ALL KINDS 209290

all kinds of memory errors, all kinds of love

4 ALL TIMES 197318

5 ALL TIME 172723

6 ALL SORTS 171175

7 ALL AGES 156459


9 ALL ASPECTS 130978

10 ALL TYPES 115226

11 ALL YEAR 103815

12 ALL LEVELS 101574

13 ALL NIGHT 77384

14 ALL PEOPLE 73618

15 ALL AREAS 63576

16 ALL MEMBERS 58669

17 ALL CASES 51153

18 ALL MEN 46978

19 ALL PARTS 45869


The Claws 7 tagset uses:

DB before determiner or pre-determiner capable of pronominal function (all, half)
DB2 plural before-determiner ( both)

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