Level 2 writing texts in PELIC

The text discusses the process of analyzing the grammar and vocabulary of elementary English learners using a ‘complexity checker’. The checker struggles with inaccurate language and spelling errors. After manual corrections, over 90% of the structures were at the A levels. The author wishes to add a collocation marking element to the checker but acknowledges the limitations of programming capacity.

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AS YOU KNOW = discourse marker of shared knowledge

The phrase “as you know” is a discourse marker used to indicate shared knowledge between the speaker and the listener. It’s used to introduce information that the speaker assumes the listener is aware of, thereby establishing common ground. This phrase is listed at B1 in the English Vocabulary profile and A2 point 1 in the category of discourse markers in the English Grammar Profile. It’s often followed by statements that reflect shared knowledge or common understanding. For instance, “As you know, our company has been experiencing financial difficulties lately,” or “As you know, I am a big fan of classic literature.” The phrase implies that the information being mentioned is already known or has been previously discussed.

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