adverb + determiner

This is a difficult grammar point to interpret. B1 point 48 in the category of DETERMINERS/quantity is defined as: modify determiners with adverbs. TLC STUDENT SPEAKING TEST EXAMPLE: We have nearly all the big automobile companies. Male, India, B1 There is clashing information in the English Grammar Profile.  The example they give for point 48: Because almost all of the programmes are stupid. However, ‘Almost all’ is …

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Not + everyone | everything | every | all

Point 26 in the category of NEGATION is defined as: ‘not’ with indefinite pronouns ‘everyone’ and ‘everything’ and determiners ‘every’, ‘all’ For example: Not everyone is always looking for easier. (more context) Besides, not everyone needs a decent education. (more context) PELIC student example: level 3 Portugese female: Finally, not all things you think to do in this world can turn out in the way you try to do them. A search in iWeb corpus for: …

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At the end of the day (FOCUS EXPRESSIONS)

English Grammar Profile C1 Point 8 in the category of FOCUS is defined as: fixed expressions in the front position for focus. Within the EGP examples,  + we have added the COCA frequency. . At the end of the day , 1092 . All in all , 1058 . All things considered , 130 . …

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‘must’ + modal adverbs

These are the 12 adverbs I would teach with “must” to advanced students: correctly, either, generally, somehow, therefore, constantly, currently, necessarily, simply, successfully, surely, satisfactorily, ultimately.

all_db + noun

1 ALL DAY 276848 2 ALL THINGS 219082 3 ALL KINDS 209290 4 ALL TIMES 197318 5 ALL TIME 172723 6 ALL SORTS 171175 7 ALL AGES 156459 8 ALL STUDENTS 134044 9 ALL ASPECTS 130978 10 ALL TYPES 115226 11 ALL YEAR 103815 12 ALL LEVELS 101574 13 ALL NIGHT 77384 14 ALL PEOPLE …

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almost all & very few

Point 51 in the category of adverbs/phrases is defined as: degree adverbs (‘almost’, ‘very’) to modify determiners. Adverbs phrases can be put together with degree adverbs such as “almost” and “very” to modify determiners, such as “all” and “few”. *.[RR] *.[DB] After removing a few unrelated results to the intention of finding degrees, the search …

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