fixed expressions

A fixed expression is a phrase with a specific meaning.  The combination of words doesn’t change = fixed.

Would you mind?

Here are the most common examples with explanations of ‘would you mind‘: Would you mind if I took your picture? *notice the past form ‘took’ to be polite. Listen to the pronunciation   In the English Grammar Profile, point 83 at B1 in the category of MODALITY is defined as: ‘would’ to make polite requests, often in the fixed expression ‘would you …

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I have to admit

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 72 in the category of MODALITY is defined: the fixed expression: ‘I have to admit’ for emphasis PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: When I want to talk about my weaknesses in writing in English, I have to admit the new words are my main problem. Arabic male, level 4 writing class.   TLC STUDENT SPEAKING TEST EXAMPLE: Therefore, I have to admit that it’s true with most old people, but with my parents,  I think that before I was born they hoped that they were going …

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CAN (focus)

In the English Grammar Profile, C1 point 186 in MODALITY is defined as:  Expressions with ‘can’ or ‘can’t’ to give focus or add emphasis, such as ‘as you can see’, ‘I can’t say’, ‘I can tell you that’, ‘as you can imagine’, ‘I can say that’, ‘I can assure you that’ For example: I can’t …

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I must admit

In the English Grammar Profile, B2 point 165 in the category of MODALITY is defined as: the fixed expression ‘I must admit’ or ‘you must admit’ to express concession. The verb ‘admit’ is B1 in the English Vocabulary Profile with the meaning:  agree that something is true, especially unwillingly A search for collocates of ‘must admit’ …

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I must say

In the English Grammar Profile, B2 point 124 in the category of modality is defined as using: the fixed expression ‘I must say’ to give emphasis, usually about something positive. An iWeb search for I must say * * * * 1 I MUST SAY THAT I AM VERY 144 EU-Startups “Computer vision can have …

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I dare say

C1 point 206 in Modality, in the English Grammar Profile, is used to say that something is probably true. Looking at 4 spaces to the right of the expression on iWeb corpus we find the following collocates which point to the fact the expression is often used with more modality. Two of those are contractions …

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