adjective AND adjective

Point 2 in the category of ADJECTIVES: COMBINING TWO ADJECTIVES:  ‘and’ to join a limited range of common adjectives. An iWeb search for: _JJ and _JJ 1 BLACK AND WHITE 119795 2 QUICK AND EASY 85535 3 INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL 42909 4 NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL 42796 5 OLD AND NEW 35184 6 GOOD AND BAD …

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superlative + noun + OF

Point 7 in the category of ADJECTIVES: limited range of prepositional phrases with ‘of’ after a superlative adjective, to refer to one thing within a set or part of a set. TLC SPEAKING TEST EXAMPLE: What’s the best type of music? male Mexico B1 A search in iWeb for: _JJT _NN of * * 1 BEST INTERESTS …

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the best NOUN to VERB

Point 35 in adjectives/superlatives is defined as: ‘the best’ before a noun + to infinitive clauses A search in iWeb for: the best _NN to _VVI 1 THE BEST WAY TO GET 24333 2 THE BEST WAY TO GO 10777 3 THE BEST WAY TO MAKE 7555 4 THE BEST WAY TO LEARN 6615 5 …

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‘It’s the best you can do’ (superlative + THAT clause)

Let’s explain what a ‘superlative clause’ is with this example: It’s the best car that you can buy. the best is the superlative adjective. that you can buy is the relative clause We can rewrite this as two sentences: It is the best car.  You can buy it. Here the object it is replaced with the …

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‘She’s the best.’ (superlative adjective without a following noun)

Which superlative adjective should we learn at higher levels?