nowhere else

In the English Vocabulary Profile at B1, the adverb ‘nowhere‘ means ‘not anywhere’.  At A2, ‘else’ means ‘in addition,’ ‘different’ or ‘other’.  Together the words means ‘no other place‘ Collocates of ‘nowhere else‘ in the NOW corpus: 1 GO 5041 There was nowhere else to go after Australia. TED 2 THERE 3063 3 FOUND 1726 4 WORLD 1399 5 BECAUSE 1190 …

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here | there (place)

In the English Grammar Profile,  A1 point 3 in ADVERBS is defined: a limited range of adverbs (‘here’, ‘there’) to indicate place. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: I like to go there to eat food. Chinese female level 3 writing class. An iWeb search for: *many of the following results are not appropriate to this grammar point or A1 level. * * _VV …

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far away | downstairs | nearby | upstairs

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 48 in ADVERBS/as modifiers is defined as: an increasing range of adverbs and adverb phrases (‘near’, ‘far away’, ‘upstairs’, ‘downstairs’) to indicate place An iWeb search for: _VV far away 1 STAY FAR AWAY 1252 I suggest you stay far away from me. (covered by B2 grammar when followed by a prepositional phrase)   You want some free advice about this one? Stay far …

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What part of speech is the word ‘near’? 1 NEAR (II) 1173513 4 NEAR (RL) 87096 12 NEAR (VVI) 18064 17 NEAR (JJ) 8170 21 NEAR (RR) 5765


1 BETWEEN (II) 7565186 2 BETWEEN (RL22) 121148 8 BETWEEN (II22) 11854 12 BETWEEN (RL%) 5046 15 BETWEEN (JJ22) 2280


1 PAST (JJ) 606963 The most common collocates of ‘past’ as an adjective:  year, month, decade You have suffered terribly this past year, but you came to understand your anxiety, and that it was never to be acted upon. Gone 2 PAST (NN1) 490293 (noun) In the past, they‘ve always let me choose my own nurses. Catch Me If You Can  3 PAST (II) 309069 4 PAST (RL) 55074 5 PAST (RT) 16486

10 ways ‘FAR’ is used in English grammar.

Here are 10 ways ‘far’ is used ranked by order of frequency: 1. A2 general adverb *Numbers on the right are the frequency in iWeb corpus: (RR) 1578722 ‘far‘ means ‘at, to or from a great distance in space or time‘  For example: Is it far away? I don’t live far from here. Thailand is not far from Vietnam. 2. B1 phrase ‘so far‘ means ‘until now‘ So far …

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1 AWAY (RL) 3176947   3 AWAY (II21) 411361 5 AWAY (RR22) 51010   7 AWAY (JJ) 17013 9 AWAY (RP) 3475 10 AWAY (RR44) 1674


‘Inside’ is a preposition before a noun phrase. A search in iWeb corpus for inside_II * * * * 1 INSIDE THE HOUSE. 775 I was just meant to use your girl  to get inside the house  and stop you setting off the alarms. listen 2 INSIDE THE BOX. 673 3 INSIDE THE HOME. 607 4 INSIDE THE BUILDING. 573 5 INSIDE THE MIND OF A 495 6 …

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The word ‘across’ is most often a preposition.  It can also be a locative adverb or adverb particle. Often the meaning is ‘opposite’: We‘ll be right across from you. listen   Tagging doesn’t always get it right.  THIS IS NOT A PHRASAL VERB (come across something).  For example: Police think the single shot came from across the street. listen 1 (II) As a preposition, ‘across’ precedes …

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A search for: _N _RL 1 RIGHT (NN1_RR) AWAY (RL) 65079 2 MILES (NNU2) AWAY (RL) 62505 3 COMMENTS (NN2) BELOW (RL) 51896 4 VIDEO (NN1) BELOW (RL) 43933 5 PEOPLE (NN) HERE (RL) 40996 6 WAY (NN1) HOME (RL_NN1) 38231 7 LINK (NN1) BELOW (RL) 37030 8 TIME (NNT1) TOGETHER (RL) 35626 9 FUNERAL …



In this post, we do a search in the iWeb corpus for how ‘about’ is tagged: 1 ABOUT (II) 22037137 simple preposition * * about_II * * 1 YOU THINK ABOUT IT, 14959 If you think about it,  we‘re constantly coming out to people,  so really you should be good at it. listen 2 DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 10723 3 . ABOUT THE AUTHOR 9220 4 . ABOUT THE AUTHOR …

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