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1 INSIDE (II) ‘Inside’ is a preposition before a noun phrase. 2  (RL) ‘Inside’ is a locative adverb before a conjunction, punctuation, a verb or there_EX. 1 BOTH (RR) INSIDE (RL) AND (CC) OUTSIDE (II) 5565 2 , (,) INSIDE (RL) AND (CC) OUT (RP) 3946 3 . (.) INSIDE (RL) , (,) THE (AT) […]

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The word ‘across’ is most often a preposition.  It can also be a locative adverb or adverb particle. 1 (II) As a preposition, ‘across’ precedes a noun phrase.  Obviously the next word will most often be an article. 1 FROM (II) ACROSS (II_RL@) THE (AT) 76123 2 AND (CC) ACROSS (II) THE (AT) 29899 3 […]

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1 RIGHT (NN1_RR) AWAY (RL) 65079 2 MILES (NNU2) AWAY (RL) 62505 3 COMMENTS (NN2) BELOW (RL) 51896 4 VIDEO (NN1) BELOW (RL) 43933 5 PEOPLE (NN) HERE (RL) 40996 6 WAY (NN1) HOME (RL_NN1) 38231 7 LINK (NN1) BELOW (RL) 37030 8 TIME (NNT1) TOGETHER (RL) 35626 9 FUNERAL (NN1) HOME (RL_NN1) 35509 10 […]

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