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Point 48 in ADVERBS/as modifiers is defined as: an increasing range of adverbs and adverb phrases (‘near’, ‘far away’, ‘upstairs’, ‘downstairs’) to indicate place An iWeb search for: _VV far away 1 STAY FAR AWAY 1252 2 LIVE FAR AWAY 1205 3 SEEMS FAR AWAY 249 4 LIVES FAR AWAY 245 5 SEEM FAR AWAY …

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What part of speech is the word ‘near’? 1 NEAR (II) 1173513 4 NEAR (RL) 87096 12 NEAR (VVI) 18064 17 NEAR (JJ) 8170 21 NEAR (RR) 5765


1 BETWEEN (II) 7565186 2 BETWEEN (RL22) 121148 8 BETWEEN (II22) 11854 12 BETWEEN (RL%) 5046 15 BETWEEN (JJ22) 2280

10 ways ‘FAR’ is used in English grammar.

Here are 10 ways ‘far’ is used ranked by order of frequency: 1. A2 general adverb *Numbers on the right are the frequency in iWeb corpus: (RR) 1578722 ‘far‘ means ‘at, to or from a great distance in space or time‘  For example: Is it far away? I don’t live far from here. Thailand is not far from Vietnam. 2. B1 phrase ‘so far‘ means ‘until now‘ So far …

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1 INSIDE (II) ‘Inside’ is a preposition before a noun phrase. 2  (RL) ‘Inside’ is a locative adverb before a conjunction, punctuation, a verb or there_EX. 1 BOTH (RR) INSIDE (RL) AND (CC) OUTSIDE (II) 5565 2 , (,) INSIDE (RL) AND (CC) OUT (RP) 3946 3 . (.) INSIDE (RL) , (,) THE (AT) …

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The word ‘across’ is most often a preposition.  It can also be a locative adverb or adverb particle.  Tagging doesn’t always get it right.  For example: Police think the single shot came from across the street. listen 1 (II) As a preposition, ‘across’ precedes a noun phrase.  Obviously the next word will most often be an article. 1 FROM (II) ACROSS (II_RL@) THE …

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A search for: _N _RL 1 RIGHT (NN1_RR) AWAY (RL) 65079 2 MILES (NNU2) AWAY (RL) 62505 3 COMMENTS (NN2) BELOW (RL) 51896 4 VIDEO (NN1) BELOW (RL) 43933 5 PEOPLE (NN) HERE (RL) 40996 6 WAY (NN1) HOME (RL_NN1) 38231 7 LINK (NN1) BELOW (RL) 37030 8 TIME (NNT1) TOGETHER (RL) 35626 9 FUNERAL …


‘nothing wrong’ (indefinite pronoun + adjective | clause)

Let’s look at what intermediate students can do with indefinite pronouns and adjectives. Point 44 in ADJECTIVES/position is defined as: adjective or adjective phrase after pronouns like ‘something’, ‘nothing’, ‘somewhere’, ‘nowhere’ Point 29 in NOUNs is defined as: phrases with an indefinite pronoun + adjective or clause. We have crossed out ‘something’ because it has …

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