little to

How is ‘little to‘ tagged in iWeb corpus? 1 LITTLE (DA1) TO (TO) 35055 determiner + infinitive Julie, if you just simmer down, you will see what has happened here has little to do with our relationship. NSFW example 6 LITTLE (JJ) TO (II) 6944 7 LITTLE (RR22) TO (II) 6395 adverbial phrase modifying prepositional phrase A little to the left, a little to the right, somebody could have gotten hurt. listen 19 LITTLE (JJ) TO (TO) 1272 23 LITTLE (RR) …

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JUST + preposition

Here’s an example of ‘just’ pre-modifying a prepositional phrase. I was a shy girl and sometimes I was just like a boy. TLC student speaking test female China B1   A2 point 3 in the category of PREPOSITIONS is defined: ‘JUST’ + to modify prepositions. An iWeb search for: just_R _II 1 JUST LIKE 495187 2 JUST IN 139921 3 JUST BEFORE 128761 4 JUST BY …

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if + necessary | any | anything | in doubt (subject and verb ellipsis)

Here are EXPERT EXAMPLES of subject and verb ellipsis after ‘if’: When you speak your character’s words, you can hear whether they sound natural, and fix them if necessary. TED *If necessary = if it is necessary. Unlike the billions of people who have few options, if any, due to war, poverty or illness, you have plentiful opportunities to live decisively. TED *if any = if there are any.     Planet Radio If in doubt, don’t drive. *if in doubt = in you are in doubt. GSE 66 B2 omit …

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Here’s an example of the preposition ‘after’ complemented by a non-finite perfect form of the passive ‘having been p.p.’ Roughly a month and a half after having been laid, the surviving eggs hatch. Listen In the English Grammar Profile, there are two similar C2 points in the category of passives: Point 38: non-finite ‘-ing’ perfect forms of the passive as the complement of prepositions. Point …

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BE like

Point 19 in CLAUSES/comparatives is defined: ‘be’ + ‘like’ + noun or pronoun FOR EXAMPLE: How many people are like you? Are like me? A search in iWeb for: _VB like_II _P 1 ARE LIKE ME 7752 2 ‘RE LIKE ME 7377 3 ‘S LIKE YOU 4506 4 BE LIKE HIM 2401 5 BE LIKE YOU 2118 6 BE LIKE ME …

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superlative + noun+ IN

Point 11 in the category of ADJECTIVES: prepositional phrases with ‘in’ + singular name of a place after a superlative adjective. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: I am not shy with girls, I always tell my brother don’t be shy with them,  they are the best creatures in the world. Arabic male level 2 writing class. A search in iWeb for: _JJT _NN in _N 1 BEST THINGS IN LIFE 1698 2 BEST …

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look forward to

Point 13 in the category of VERBS/phrasal-prepositional is defined as: ‘look forward to’ as a fixed expression followed by an ‘-ing’ form or noun phrase, usually at the end of correspondence. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: I am looking forward to getting your letter. Japanese female, level 3 writing class. A search in iWeb for: LOOK forward to * * 1 LOOK …

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each other

Point 60 in the category of PRONOUNS/reciprocal is defined as: ‘each other’ as the object of a verb or complement of a preposition to talk about the mutual behaviour of two or more people. An iWeb search for: * * * each other 1 ON TOP OF EACH OTHER 13130 (note that many of these …

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Point 36 in the category of VERBs is defined as: verb pattern / reporting verb with prepositional phrase + that clause as the direct object A search in iWeb for: SAY to_II * that 1 SAID TO ME THAT 2340 2 SAY TO YOU THAT 1483 3 SAYS TO ME THAT 794 4 SAY TO …

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preposition (wide range)

Point 8 in the category of prepositions is defined as a wide range of simple (single word) prepositions. *Note this first search on iWeb is not only for instances as a preposition: above|along|according|because|beside|but|despite|off| onto|regarding|towards|through|underneath|via|within 1 BUT 52015729 2 BECAUSE 13807430 3 THROUGH 12732122 4 OFF 9025030 5 WITHIN 5473926 6 ALONG 3835546 7 ABOVE 3640611 …

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What part of speech is the word ‘near’? 1 NEAR (II) 1173513 4 NEAR (RL) 87096 12 NEAR (VVI) 18064 17 NEAR (JJ) 8170 21 NEAR (RR) 5765


Point 60 in VERBS is defined as: verb + particle + preposition, where the preposition is separated from its complement. Prepositions An iWeb search for: _VV _RP _I . 1 COME UP WITH. 10825 1 previously.tv   They prepared dishes that even 5-year-olds couldn’t come up with . 2 welltrainedmind.com My boys love picking out …


superlative + prepositional phrase

Point 37 in the category of ADJECTIVES is defined as: an increasing range of complex noun phrases with a superlative adjective + prepositional phrase, to talk about something unique. A search on iWeb for: _AT _RGT _JJ _N _I   1 THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF 16690 2 THE MOST COMMON TYPE OF 11789 PELIC …

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(too) adjective + prepositional phrase

There is overlap between these two A2 English Grammar Profile points: Point 6 in the category of ADJECTIVES/modifying is defined: ‘too’ + adjective + prepositional phrase Point 28 in the category of ADJECTIVES/modifying is defined as: adjective phrases with a very limited range of adjectives + a prepositional phrase. The EGP examples for range are: …

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‘Along’ is a preposition or an adverb. 1 ALONG (II21) 1742449 2 ALONG (II) 812587 4 ALONG (RP) 476307 6 ALONG (RR) 11996  


Here’s a student example of the indefinite pronoun ‘everyone’ in the subject position with a singular verb: Everyone knows Istanbul. PELIC Turkish male level 3 writing class. The indefinite pronouns: ‘SOMEBODY’, ‘SOMEONE’, ‘EVERYBODY’ and ‘EVERYONE’ are all listed at A2 in the English Vocabulary Profile.  As far as CEFR level allocation, it doesn’t make any difference …

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