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preposition + relative pronoun

Point 12 in the category of PREPOSITIONs is defined as: preposition + relative pronoun as complement, to avoid preposition stranding, often in formal contexts. The EGP examples include:   vacancy_NN1 in_II which_DDQ I_PPIS1 am_VBM very_RG interested_JJ ._. club_NN1 of_IO which_DDQ you_PPY are_VBR  the_AT secretary_NN1 ._. someone_PN1 to_II whom_PNQO  they_PPHS2 can_VM talk_VVI ._.   A search […]

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-ERN adjective suffix

Almost every time a preposition, article or determiner is before a word ending with -ern and followed by a noun the word is an adjective or the name of a place. 1 IN (II) NORTHERN (NP1) IRELAND (NP1) 29239 2 IN (II) SOUTHERN (JJ) CALIFORNIA (NP1) 26031 3 OF (IO) SOUTHERN (JJ) CALIFORNIA (NP1) 20522 […]

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