‘OF’ is the third most common English word.

‘OF’ is the third most common English word.

The third most frequent word in the English language is used in a lot of different ways. ‘OF’ is most often a preposition, but it is also used in many complex phrases.

1 OF (IO) 328813259

2 OF (II22) 11680309

3 OF (II33) 4159625


5 OF (RR22) 515052

9 OF (II44) 104920

11 OF (RR42) 64669
12 OF (RG22) 40209

14 OF (JJ32) 29982
15 OF (RR53) 14785
16 OF (II42) 9375
17 OF (CS22) 4430
18 OF (NP1) 2555
19 OF (RG44) 1614

21 OF (NN132) 143

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