lexical verb + UNTIL|TILL

In the English Vocabulary Profile, wait until= NOT DO SOMETHING C1 to not do something until something else happens For example: Wait till you see what we‘ve done with the Internet. listen We want to know which other verbs carry a similar meaning of not doing something. He will be held until Vargas agrees to free the sympathizers he has jailed. listen The Persians will not stop until the only shelter we will find is rubble and chaos. listen I submit that we engage and delay until reinforcements arrive. listen You stay until the job‘s done. listen A search in iWeb corpus for: …

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future perfect simple question

In the English Grammar Profile, C2 point 70 in the category of FUTURE is future perfect simple QUESTIONS: For example: Will they have learned that reading is a chore? A COCA search for: Will _P have _V*N * This is extremely rare! 1 WILL WE HAVE LEFT 4 2 WILL WE HAVE MADE 4   The Cornell Daily Sun When our other friend calls Trump voters ” insane ” and we don’t disagree with them, how will we have made this friend feel? 18 …

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