The use of the conjunction ‘plus’ is covered by two different B1 grammar points in the English Grammar Profile. Point 14 in CONJUNCTIONS/coordinating is defined as: ‘PLUS’ WITH NOUNS often in relation to numbers. The home offers four bedrooms plus a study which could be a potential fifth bedroom. bendigoadvertiser.com.au   Point 12 is: ‘plus’ to connect clauses and sentences, often to point out a positive addition or …

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quite a + ADJECTIVE

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 36 in the category of ADJECTIVES/modifying is defined as: adjective phrases ‘quite a’ + adjective For example: The game was quite a simple one. listen An iWeb search for: quite a|an _JJ _NN 1 QUITE A LONG TIME 7672 2 QUITE A LONG WAY 914 3 QUITE A LARGE NUMBER 603 4 QUITE A …

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adjective + noun (range)

Here are real examples of using an adjective before a noun and academic collocation: It’s a pretty accurate description. (listen to this expert example)   He can ask for additional information. (listen to this expert example)   During my school years, I started reading to get some information because I was an active participant in almost all the literary competitions. TLC female India B2   Opening fire will not retrieve them, and an armed conflict is precisely what the Captain wished to avoid. listen A search in the English Grammar Profile for ‘range …

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