adJective Noun phrases and compound nouns

Here are two examples of an A2 adjective followed by an A2 noun:

If you need any further information,

 its available online


They have hundreds of jobs 

in a wide variety of qualifications.


_JJ or supposedly an adjective + _NN a noun

on iWeb gives us a picture that requires interpretation of manual data. On the left is how text inspector divides the vocabulary level.  Many of these most common combinations are considered noun phrases.  For example: “high school”

high A2 school A1 = “high school” is a noun at A2

social B1 media B2 = N = should be 1 value

long A1 time A1

real A2 estate B2 = should be 1 value

other A1 hand A1 = probably: B2 as part of “on the other hand”

other A1 people A1

high A2 quality B1

wide A2 range B1

best A1 way A2

other A1 words A1 – “in other words” = B2

little A1 bit A2 – “a little bit” as adverb = A2

good A1 idea A2

mental B2 health A2

young A1 people A1

great A1 way A2

long term B2

other A1 things A1

good A1 luck A2

vice C2 president B1

personal B1 information A2

only A1 thing A1

other A1 side A2

only A1 way A2

good A1 news A2

recent B1 years A1

supreme court B1

prime minister B2

different A1 types A2

human rights B2

new A1 year A1

wide A2 variety A2

stainless steel B2

good A1 thing A1

hard A1 work A1

national A2 park A1

public B1 health A2

federal government B1

higher A2 education B1

chief B2 executive C1

long A1 way A2

small A1 business A1

financial B1 aid C1

different A1 ways A2

bottom A1 line A2

civil C1 war A2

head A1 coach A2

full A2 time A1

social B1 security B1

real A2 world A1

real A2 life A1

right A1 side A2

immune system C2

other A1 countries A1

large A2 number A1

great A1 deal B2

additional B2 information A2

olive B1 oil A2

hot A1 water A1

natural B1 gas A2

other A1 way A2

great A1 job A1

open A1 source B2

important A1 part A1

vast B2 majority B2

good A1 job A1

past A1 year A1

best A1 thing A1

holy C1 spirit B2

right A1 hand A1

left A1 side A2

whole A2 thing A1

good A1 time A1

hard drive B2

real A2 time A1

other A1 day A1

regular B1 basis B2

small A1 amount B1

medical B2 center

financial B1 services B1

daily A2 basis B2

new A1 features B2

united B2 nations B2

big A1 deal B2

whole A2 lot A1

important A1 thing A1

premier league B1

easy A1 way A2

good A1 way A2

hard A1 time A1

human B1 beings

new A1 home A1

great A1 place A1

young A1 man A1

middle A2 school A1

further A2 information A2

professional B1 development B1

best A1 friend A1

high A2 level A2

general B1 manager A2

long A1 run A1

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