adverbs in mid position

Here’s an example of an adverb after a modal verb + academic collocation:

We would likely address these issues one after the other in a sequential way.

listen to this sentence

A2 point 30 in the category of ADVERBS:

MID POSITION between the subject and the main verb and after modal verbs, auxiliary verbs and ‘be’.

General points such as these do not specify that there are many other similar points that will either clash at other levels or overlap.  For example:

For this reason, we will not list all the possible forms from expert corpora.  Instead, list more examples from students that do not overlap:


Finally, you should always choose to study at a college that appeals to you because it is difficult to transfer schools.

Arabic male level 3 writing class.

First of all, architecture is closely connected with nature.

Korean male level 3 writing.


*surprisingly, this grammar ‘range’ is only a2 although the vocabulary is ‘B2.’