do + VERB (emphasis)

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 79 in the category of CLAUSES is defined as:

auxiliary verb ‘do’ in an affirmative declarative clause, for emphasis and affirmation.

*Note that ‘did’ for emphasis is C1.

A search in iWeb for:

do _VVI

1 DO KNOW 89665
2 DO GET 69098

3 DO THINK 68682

do think that it is important for people who are being instructed in writing to know their stuff.

4 DO NEED 64647
5 DO LIKE 50742
6 DO WANT 45850

7 DO BELIEVE 42818

*However the grammar point is hidden under B1 ‘mental process verbs’

Now I still do believe in the power of the internet to bring more voices to the table.

8 DO LOVE 30323
9 DO MAKE 29862
10 DO USE 28190
11 DO FEEL 27086
12 DO FIND 24659

13 DO AGREE 22667

But I do agree that things are a mess.

The rest of the results we have have added in order with CEFR level:

do + exist seem recommend require provide realize expect allow research manage consider

A2 Vocabulary:

add, agree, become, believe, bring, care, check, decide, follow, happen, hope, include, keep,

let, lose, matter, mean, notice, offer, own, plan, prefer, receive, sell, share, spend, try, wish

Another expert example:

That is why I do reiterate that there is no royal road to learning.

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