The CLAWS7 tagset that is used by the English Grammar Profiler and this site use:

  • JJ general adjective
  • JJR general comparative (older)
  • JJT general superlative (oldest)
  • JK catenative (able to, willing to)

Depending on what you want to find and where _J or _JJ will also include all the other more specific tags.

article * CLASS

A search in iWeb corpus for: _A * CLASS 1 THE WORKING CLASS 20916 Public education is a way to improve and equalize educational opportunity, and a way to bring order and discipline to the working class. PELIC STUDENT: Chinese Male Level 5 Reading class 2 THE MIDDLE CLASS 20686 The Mirabal sisters and their husbands formed the June 14th movement along with many others from the middle class. TED 3 A WORLD CLASS 14222 (*this should probably be a hyphenated adjective) = A WORLD-CLASS + NOUN 4 THE FIRST …

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COME IN + adjective

In the English Vocabulary Profile, come in useful|handy are C2. A search in iWeb corpus for: COME IN _JJ . 1 COME IN HANDY. 9001 2 COMES IN HANDY. 4142 Huh, comes in handy on the cash register. listen   3 CAME IN HANDY. 660 4 COME IN USEFUL. 257 All these moves will come in useful in real life when she grows up. listen 5 COMES IN BLACK. 116 This structure …

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adjective + VALUES

In the English Vocabulary Profile: values = B2 the beliefs people have about what is right and wrong and what is most important in life, which control their behaviour A search in NOW corpus for: _JJ values_N 1 DEMOCRATIC VALUES 11972 Give a full and detailed account of who supports you,  where your arms and supplies come from and that your aim is the overthrow of established democratic values. listen 2 SHARED VALUES 10229 3 MORAL VALUES 8609 4 CULTURAL VALUES …

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lexical verb + IN + article + adjective + WAY (manner)

There are two points in the English Vocabulary Profile that relate to ‘way‘ in regards to manner: way MANNER C1[no plural] the manner in which someone behaves or thinks, or in which something happens For example: How do we measure changes in behavior in a meaningful way that‘s going to help us with prevention of disease,  early onset of disease, and tracking the progression of disease over a long period of time? TED in a big way INFORMAL C2 used to say that someone or something …

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WORLD (phrases)

In this post, we give examples of 7 different ways the noun ‘world‘ is used in English.  In the English Vocabulary Profile at A2: your world = your life and experiences A search in NOW corpus for: _APPGE world 1 OUR WORLD 67437 This may be literally our planet. 2 THEIR WORLD 33865 Note that ‘their’ …

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at ITS best

In the English Vocabulary Profile at B1, is the following entry: at his/its, etc. best at the highest level of achievement or quality A search in iWeb corpus for: at _APPGE _JJT 1 AT ITS BEST 28383 I‘m a huge fan of capitalism at its best. TED 2 AT THEIR BEST 11959 3 AT ITS FINEST 8811 4 AT HIS BEST …

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adjective + AS

A search in iWeb for _JJ as 1 GOOD AS 206337 2 SIMPLE AS 116801 3 AVAILABLE AS 100100 4 HIGH AS 90051 5 IMPORTANT AS 85859 6 EASY AS 76766 7 ONLY AS 76363 8 LOW AS 72885 9 BAD AS 56258 10 GREAT AS 46149 11 EFFECTIVE AS 36161 I want to be as effective as you were, Annie. listen …

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ANNUAL + noun

A search in iWeb for: annual conference|meeting|rate|report|review 1 ANNUAL REPORT 47760 Sustainability goals have been written into annual reports all over the world. 2 ANNUAL MEETING 45673 I hadn’t seen Melquiades for about 10 years and when we had our annual meetings in Lima, Peru a couple of years ago,  the filmmakers found him. 3 ANNUAL CONFERENCE 24962 4 ANNUAL RATE 11484 5 ANNUAL REVIEW 6732

-al suffix

A search in iWeb for: *al (jj): 67 adjectives (nn1): 18 nouns 1 SEVERAL (DA2) 3998917 2 REAL (JJ) 3957063 3 LOCAL (JJ) 3922768 4 NATIONAL (JJ) 3787655 5 SOCIAL (JJ) 3761279 6 SPECIAL (JJ) 3229693 7 PERSONAL (JJ) 3129720 8 INTERNATIONAL (JJ) 2710354 9 FINANCIAL (JJ) 2465120 10 ADDITIONAL (JJ) 2441945 11 MEDICAL (JJ) …

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BE + adjective + THAT clause

Here is an example of BE + adjective + that clause: Well, when you pick a valentine you have to be sure that you choose the right person. listen Someone searched for ‘she is happy that’  so I thought I would do a iWeb corpus search for: _VB _JJ that * * There are various FOCUS, MODALITY AND HEDGING points for this grammar especially with the subject …

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