gerund (passive complement)

Here’s a STUDENT EXAMPLE: Therefore, people should educate themselves on their human rights and the basic human rights that other nations have in order to avoid being deceived. PELIC Arabic female level 4 writing class. GSE 64 B2 NP + VP +VP gerund (passive)   An iWeb search for: * _VV being _VVN * 1 TO AVOID BEING HIT BY 313 2 TO AVOID BEING HIT . 185 3 N’T LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT 182 …

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although | though + NON-FINITE

Point 131 in CLAUSES/subordinated is defined as: non-finite clauses after subordinating conjunctions ‘(although, though)’, to express contrast. *The tagging might make mistakes between VVN and JJ = past participle and adjective for this point. An iWeb search for: though|although _VVN 1 ALTHOUGH BASED 907 2 THOUGH GIVEN 860 3 ALTHOUGH GIVEN 767 4 ALTHOUGH DESIGNED …

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