• The predicate is the part with a verb phrase stating something about the subject.
  • A predicative complement can be an adjective phrase, unlike objects.

EVEN + comparative adjective

In this post, we explore ‘even + comparative’ which is used to emphasize qualities. In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 40 in ADJECTIVES is defined as: ‘even’ to modify and intensify comparative adjectives used predicatively after a verb, usually ‘be’ and ‘get’. We did an iWeb search for even _JJ and highlighted the A2 comparative adjectives: …

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BE + *WN word ending

After ‘BE’, a word ending with ‘wn’ is usually past participle. Some exceptions are ‘known’ (where it might be an adjective) ‘down’, ‘brown’, ‘well-known’ and ‘unknown’. 1 IS KNOWN  377649 Unfortunately, that is what is known as a conflict of interest. listen 2 ARE KNOWN  143646 3 IS (VBZ) SHOWN (VVN) 130843 4 BEEN SHOWN 110513 It has not been shown to the court‘s satisfaction  that these particular Africans fit that description. …

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