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BE + adjective

Point 16 in ADJECTIVES/position is defined as: increasing range of adjectives predicatively, after ‘be’. A search on iWeb for _VB _JJ 1 BE SURE 833740 2 IS AVAILABLE 810530 3 ARE AVAILABLE 797442 4 IS IMPORTANT 780459 5 IS ONLY 690395 6 IS GOOD 427370 7 BE AVAILABLE 424771 8 IS GREAT 412719 9 IS […]

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more + adjective

Point 9 in ADJECTIVES / comparatives/ COMPLEMENT OF ‘BE’ overlaps point 26 in ADJECTIVES which is defined as: a range of comparative adjective phrases using ‘more’ + longer adjectives (usually three or more syllables). more _JJ 1 MORE LIKELY 479744 2 MORE IMPORTANT 265541 3 MORE DIFFICULT 212237 4 MORE EXPENSIVE 195809 5 MORE EFFICIENT […]

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a little + ADJECTIVE

Although ‘a little’ exists in the EGP, there is no entry for it to modify an adjective.  We checked the EVP and found that it exists modifying an adjective at B2. Expanded in iWeb: a little _JJ 1 A LITTLE EXTRA 48606 2 A LITTLE DIFFERENT 45216 3 A LITTLE NERVOUS 10624 4 A LITTLE […]

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