WISH + past simple

Point 21 in the category of PAST is defined as: past simple with ‘wish (that)’ to express regret that things are not different. TLC STUDENT SPEAKING TEST EXAMPLE: I listen to music a lot and sometimes I wish that my life was a musical. male Spain C2 A search in iWeb for: _P wish that _P _VV 1 I WISH THAT I KNEW 69 2 I WISH THAT I …

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Verb + VerbING

Point 29 in the category of verbs/patterns is B1 and defined as: limited range of verbs followed by an ‘-ing’ form. Point 56 in Verbs/patterns is B2 and defined as an increasing range of verbs followed by an ‘-ing’ form. A search for _VV _VVG in iWeb corpus: 1 KEEP GOING 656012 STARTED USING 54040 …

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Past simple affirmative

Here’s an example of past simple with academic collocation: I added some information now. (listen to this sentence) A2 point 5 in the category of PAST/ simple: affirmative form with an increasing range of verbs A1 point 1 is defined: past simple affirmative form with a limited range of regular and irregular verbs. A search in iWeb for _VVD …

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