ordering past events

Point 35 in the category of PAST is defined: past simple to order sequences of events in the past, in the context of narratives. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: I looked at the sheet and thought about it and then I continued following my sheet. When I noticed that I should have arrived, I called my brother and he told me that I had the wrong directions. Arabic male, level 5 grammar class. Two of the EGP examples use ‘and then’ while one only uses ‘and’ to connect past …

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verb + preposition + object

In the English Grammar Profile, A1 point 4 in VERBS/prepositional is defined as: limited range of prepositional verbs followed by noun or pronoun objects. The examples in the EGP: listen_VV0 to_II music_NN1 look_VVI after_II her_PPHO1 look_VVI for_IF mushrooms_NN2 Point 31 at B1 is the same as above except: “increasing range”. James, do you think you can cope with the pressure? listen We wish we wouldn’t have to deal with these things. twincities.com …

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past simple affirmative (range)

Here’s an example of past simple with academic collocation: I added some information now. (listen to this sentence) There are 3 entries in the English Grammar Profile for past simple affirmative range.  This point is best covered by the English Vocabulary Profile since it offers much more detail about vocabulary. A1 point 1 is defined: past simple affirmative form …

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