ordering past events

Point 35 in the category of PAST is defined: past simple to order sequences of events in the past, in the context of narratives. PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: I looked at the sheet and thought about it and then I continued following my sheet. When I noticed that I should have arrived, I called my brother and he told me that I had the wrong directions. Arabic male, level 5 grammar class. Two of the EGP examples use ‘and then’ while one only uses ‘and’ to connect past …

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Past simple affirmative

Here’s an example of past simple with academic collocation: I added some information now. (listen to this sentence) A2 point 5 in the category of PAST/ simple: affirmative form with an increasing range of verbs A1 point 1 is defined: past simple affirmative form with a limited range of regular and irregular verbs. A search in iWeb for _VVD …

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