English lexical bundles and their most frequent equivalent forms in French

In this post, we put common lexical bundles that French EFL students use in their writing, through our GRAMMAR PROFILERMagali Paquot wrote a paper about Lexical bundles.  Here are the significant forms found in the ICLE – FR:

Here are our expert examples:

You‘ll be tempted to tear it off.
Kaleb‘s art can be viewed as deeply rooted in the pop minimalism of Aureur or Baer.
The trick is to know whether you are generallyshy person or suffer from social anxiety.
Let’s not forget that America is the most powerful country in the world.
You have a new role to playI hear.
We have more urgent things to speak of.
Take the example of the erosion of democracy in Hong Kong.
  • Although A2 imperative is highlighted, as a native speaker and teacher, the above example although unlisted in the English Grammar Profile, suggests that as a discourse marker it is so natural, it is C2.
But if there’s anything to be found here,
 the faintest lead to wherever Nancy is or whoever kidnapped her and mutilated herthis is the place.
Do you think you could lie here next to me and not need to go further?
And if we can say that about one another, then why can’t we say the same thing for brains built of copper and wiresteel?
the international peacebuilders have failed to help implement local peacebuilding programs.
We may wonder,What happened to that poor soul?”