can’t (questions)

can’t (questions)

Point 75 in MODALITY is defined as:

negative question forms in main clauses and question tags.

*Also, not this overlaps negation in questions at B1.

This is proving very hard to search for in corpora.  They do not like negative modal variable-length queries with question marks at the end.

The best we could find was to try ca_vm _x _p _vvi on iWeb:

1 CA N’T YOU SEE 2062

The Complaint Files NYPD Unions Don’t Want You to See
“Can’t you see I’m talking in the goddamned car?” She managed to pull around him but then he began to follow her and soon pulled her over.

2 CA N’T I GET 627
3 CA N’T I SEE 622
4 CA N’T I USE 479
5 CA N’T I FIND 454
6 CA N’T WE GET 395
7 CA N’T YOU GET 340
9 CA N’T YOU USE 251
10 CA N’T YOU MAKE 238
11 CA N’T YOU HEAR 236
12 CA N’T WE USE 211
13 CA N’T YOU TAKE 181
15 CA N’T YOU FIND 165
16 CA N’T YOU LIVE 146
17 CA N’T WE SEE 145
18 CA N’T YOU GO 143
19 CA N’T I LOG 141
20 CA N’T WE MAKE 141

1 CA N’T YOU ? 939
2 CA N’T WE ? 635
3 CA N’T I ? 532
4 CA N’T THEY ? 273
5 CA N’T IT ? 212
6 CA N’T HE ? 143
7 CA N’T SHE ? 68

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