‘English Grammar’ Corpus

I have decided to start building my own corpus slowly, based around the term ‘Grammar’.  The choice of texts will come from Google News which are aggregated automatically.  I will only add the first occurrence within the page to get a wider spread of uses.  And if the same website continually shows up, it will be avoided.  I do not want to take everything from one site!  I will also put the input through the complexity checker which will provide some links to the actual grammar contained within the sentence.  This research will give us a very broad view of how grammar is used today.


Grammar is funny.

You may have written a brilliant essay

in which you prove, once and for all, the existence of God,

but a grammarian can ruin your feeling of accomplishment by pointing out

that you used ” I ” when you should have used ” me “.


Grammar can be boring, so grammar games are common.

You do a bunch of grammar and vocabulary lessons disguised as games.


There is no doubt that grammar is very important.

After 20 years of teaching academic writing to both native speakers and English language learners, I can attest that at some point, just about everyone asks me why, or even whether, grammar matters.



English is important as an international language.

With the launch of Foreign Language Signage Improvement Month,

such defective translation methods are on their way out, and pure bliss of faultless grammar and spelling are headed in.



Grammar is so important when it comes to the law.

The Supreme Court turned to its grammar books to deliver a victory for Facebook on Thursday in an under-the-radar case about whether the internet giant had run afoul of a three-decade-old federal law curbing abusive telemarketing practices.


However, there is a debate that grammar should not be so important in University exams.

It has beenif you can’t spell or use punctuation accurately or write basic, simple, reasonably grammatical English, don’t worry about it.



When I heard this week that Hull university has decided that marking students down for poor grammar was elitist

because it discourages disadvantaged studentssuch as those from poor-performing schools,

I thought: What a load of tosh.


There is not just one type of grammar.

Less commonly discussed, however, are the variations in grammar. American and British Englishes share almost all of the same grammar.


There is always a new grammar course in the news.

The Macmillan Altura skill offers curriculum grade English learning content in storytelling format,

vocabulary building exercisesinteractive quizzes on listening comprehension and English grammar structured in levels 1 to 5.



On the other hand , following the same route, another amazing piece of work came up named English Grammar Crash Course for people who are weak in grammar.


What is the best way to teach grammar?

Those were the days when schools truly taught grammar.



The school’s teaching of grammar remains rooted in rigid, traditional forms and structures.

The teaching of grammar should focus on form not focus on forms.

It means the focus should not consist of mastering grammatical rules and words, while neglecting pragmatic competence.


Teaching grammar can be a type of punishment.

The foreigners have been teaching probation staff basic greetings and conversational English as well as grammar and legal terms.


Technology is changing the way we learn grammar.

Now young users are more and more interested in the grammar of the English language.



The system can accurately identify common problems in spoken English language, such as pronunciation and grammar, right down to a single word in a sentence.