‘English Grammar’ Corpus

Here are some random sentences you could try pasting into the ‘grammar profiler‘ that we have tested and labelled.

*Note, they have been coded by EGP grammar category, the order number in that category, and the level that grammar is found at. There are some examples from the PELI Corpus marked (P2) to (P5), where 2 is from an elementary class and 5 from the most advanced students. There are also some from the Trinity Lancaster Corpus marked (T + the CEFR level). There are also some points numbers marked with Pearson’s Global Scale of English (GSE). The majority of expert examples come from google news or TED talks.

(ADJ74C2) Each will have a two-car garage and should be no higher than the typical residential home.
(ADJ75C2) Even though the written script has been “confirmed,” its contents are so great a mystery that Julie Andrews did not even mention them.
(ADJ76C2) Other charities local, national and international will also benefit.
(ADJ77C2) I am sure that he never expected that I would be the slightest bit interested.
(ADJ78C2) The Bears’ quarterback has been better of late, but not that much better.
(ADJ79C2) Only by having the opportunity to share in responsibility can we be empowered to realise our full social,economic and spiritual potential.
(ADV67C2)(P3) Those poor people work so hard for less money, and some of them ask for the money from the people in the street.
(ADV69C2) “There is no change to US policy regarding the sovereignty of the Senkaku Islands,” the press secretary said, apparently referring to Washington’s position of neutrality over who has sovereignty over the uninhabited islets.
(CL120C2)(P5) Should I visit Brazil, I would go with my friends.
We would double your fee should you escort the merchandise to its final destination.
I would be pleased should you find yourself at liberty to attend.
(CL121C2) How quickly we forget.
(CL122C2) Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.
In the event that the buckle won’t disengage , move the strap over your head and attempt to lift your legs out from underneath if you aren’t injured and able to move.
(CL123C2) But I’m not so naive as to think that it doesn’t exist.
(CL125C2) Trump would be a joke if it were not for the fact that he is a clear and present danger to himself, the nation and the world.
(CL126C2) This will be big news were it to happen.
(CL128C2) How I wish I had had this recommendation a week before!
(CL129C2) It’s the extent to which it happens that I don’t know and frankly neither do you, and neither does anyone else.
(CL130C2) Please consider this when deciding whether or not to purchase the book.
Whether we like it or not, motivation comes and motivation goes.
(CL131C2) Though separated by thousands of years and kilometres, India and Germany have had a significant historical influence on each other.
(CL132C2) Were it not for humans, woolly mammoths would have lived for 4,000 more years.
(CL133C2) There’s perhaps a little too much telling us what a genius Zappa was without really letting us hear for ourselves; this perhaps also explains the stress laid on his “classical” compositions, as if to reinforce his serious-musician credentials.
(CL135C2) Don’t you say that!
(CO26C2) It’s similar to the Barefoot approach in that it focuses on the big picture, rather than tracking each and every dollar.
(DE64C2) There is this perception of Baltimore being some type of dangerous, bad kind of place.
(DE65C2) Many a time, life doesn’t seem fair.
(DE66C2) Now, we actually don’t know this species’ closest relative yet.
(DE67C2) Canada’s women’s water polo team has been drawn into a pool with Australia, South Africa, Netherlands and Spain for the Tokyo Olympics.
(DE68C2) We are able to take that leap of faith while making decisions and working on our vision to succeed in the business world.
(DE69C2) Everything you do should be about maintaining your board presence and controlling your opponent’s.
(DE70C2) That all combined into this passion of mine to tell a story about aging and what life is about.
(FO11C2) Not a lot is known about her, except for the fact that she was born in northwestern China.
(FO12C2)(P4) The only thing that I do not like so much is that I do not drive and I live far from everything, so I have to use the public transportation to move around.
(FO13C2) All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I looked , and it was the 15-passenger van.
(FO14C2) Where they differ is in their levels of technical and conceptual accomplishment.
(FO15C2) It’s people who are feeling not well enough to come to work.
(FU67C2) “And it seems now,” she insinuated, ” only when the pressure comes on you, Taoiseach, will you concede that this is necessary.”
(FU67C2) We here at The18 will do our best to always use proper US English when referring to soccer teams. After all, the US is home to the best soccer team of all time, and we will always refer to the USWNT as a singular unit. Alas, most soccer fans will still prefer to use English grammar when talking about soccer.
(FU68C2) The band were due to play four arena shows across the UK this September.
My contract was due to expire two weeks later.
(FU70C2) And what will we have left?
(M211C2) Another requirement is that the business must not have been founded during the outbreak.
(M212C2)(P3) It is not difficult to get ingredients for ddukboggi.
(P5) It is not hard to see why pre-natal health is so crucial for life expectancy.
(M213C2) All you’ve got to go on is streams of electrical impulses, which are only indirectly related to things in the world, whatever they may be.
(M215C2) The arts ought not to suffer.
(M217C2) Not only must we be prepared for it, but we must also be ready for the challenges to our rationality that come with it.
Never must we forget the hundreds who floated down the Ganga.
(M219C2) Octavia’s been after it for years but try as she might, the defenses thwart her.
But try as he might to bend the forge to his will, its fires only produced other artifacts.
The doctors, it seemed, never really had enough time for all the patients, try as they might.
Try as he might, he couldn’t get away from her.
(M221C2) Need we say more?
(M221C2) By the time he’s 11, it’s more likely that Tommy will have to have repeated a grade.
(M225C2) Come on, if we don’t share a similar social consciousness, how shall we discuss social problems?
(M226C2) We oughtn’t be surprised.
(M227C2)(P3) Also when I was younger, I used not to be allowed to drink coffee.
(M229C2) Companies must indeed adapt to changing urban needs to survive.
I said somebody here must surely know.
(M230C2)(TB1) When you walk, you should be careful not to disturb them because they are all below you.
(M234C2) They would eventually become the oppressive hand of the Russian government.
What would normally take him maybe a day or something to solder by hand, he can do in a few minutes using this machine.
(M235C2) Ought it not to be a fixed rule?
(M236C2)(TB2) I don’t think that they pay enough attention towards the national customs as they used to do those days.
(M237C2)(TB2) You might as well just open the door to an unknown person.
(NE28C2) I’m not in the least bit religious.
(PASS39C2) Amazon would have you believe that it was the first e-commerce website on the internet.
(PASS40C2) I feel like the luckiest person in the world, having been born at the intersection of great needs and great injustices and great opportunities to change them.
(PAST87C2) What had she been thinking?
(PAST88C2)(P5) Hardly had I left the house when I realized that I left my sunglasses at home.
(PAST90C2)(P4) For example, he was always playing soccer when I played baseball.
(PAST92C2) Not only has Pablo been talking publicly for the first time about being an orphan, but together, we started a live storytelling series we’re calling Talk Rx, and it’s become a really popular place for his peers to show their most vulnerable and powerful thoughts and feelings.
(PRES38C2) I am asking us to use our power to choose. I am asking us to level up.
We are asking businesses not to produce and consumers not to go out and consume.
(PRO109C2) Each side accused the other of starting.
(PRO110C2) Much has been said of the Latino vote this election.
Since that time, a lot has happened.
(PRO111C2) Prisoner two also sees an odd number of black hats, so she knows hers is white and answers correctly.
(PRO112C2) Theirs was a short voyage with massive consequences.
(PRO113C2) There’s no question about it, winning the derby is a passion of his and a pursuit of his.
(PRO114C2) The ones that best fit the data are the ones that survive to this day.
(PRO115C2) The next step is making sure that pretty face of yours looks as good as your mother thinks it does.
(PRO116C2) After all, it’s individuals who are to blame here, right?
(PRO117C2) Most of her students are poor enough to qualify for a free lunch and many are the children of immigrants who don’t speak English.
(PRO118C2) Our light has now turned green, his is solidly red.
This is not an actual photograph of my son’s room; his is messier.
His is the little hand.
(PRO119C2) As for myself, I am an artist in the loosest possible definition of the word; that is to say, I make art.
(Q34C2) Do you host the event and get criticized by some, or refuse and get criticized by others?
Before he wakes up, do you place him in restraints, alert hospital security or call 911?
Is it better to stay at home or go back to work?
(Q35C2) Are you not entertained? You should be!
(V61C2) I would hate to cause them any problems.
(V62C2) In his highly approachable and hilarious book Dreyers English, Benjamin Dreyer writes: I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I hate grammar.
(EVPC2) So much for all your promises.

(ADJ68C1) It’s one of the most influential artworks ever made.
(ADJ69C1)(P5) Third, exercise can be an extremely effective stress reliever for several reasons.
(TC1) There are a few cases in which the parents have been excellent guides to the students, and as you know guides are extremely important for a child‘s career.
(ADJ70C1) It’s a reminder that we can not get to the best possible outcomes.
(ADJ72C1) So bingo, problem solved.
(ADV58C1)(P4) But, strangely enough, he came to my lab’s reception party for the new students.
(ADV59C1)(P3) The graph indicates that they were almost exactly the same in 2004.
(P5) Every day after finishing school, she almost always practiced dancing with loud music.
(ADV60C1) I know what you’re thinking, but believe me when I say those two events are completely unrelated.
(ADV61C1) That’s because glass cools relatively quickly.
(ADV62C1) I’m simply the latest in a line that can be traced back generations.
(ADV63C1) I feel that there was room for something a bit more complex that the show never really explores.
Roll call will be a bit trickier now that teachers will not be physically present with their students.
(ADV64C1) Now I don’t know if this is the devil or the angel sitting on our conscience, sitting on television’s shoulders, but I do know that I absolutely love this image.
(ADV65C1)(P5) Even in the burning hot summer, some of them have spicy hot pot.
(CL105C1) Try it and you’ll be amazed.
(CL106C1) If needed, I will speak for you.
(CL112C1) If you had invested a dollar 20 years ago in a portfolio of companies that focused narrowly on making more money quarter by quarter, that one dollar would have grown to 14 dollars and 46 cents.
(CL113C1) Not only will you have access to low interest rates and reasonable terms, but you’ll likely have a commonsense repayment period.
(CL116C1) Not wanting to waste her hard-earned cash, Kourtney decided to go to the gym five times a week to make the most of it .
(CL117C1) Don’t let it get to you.
(CL118C1) We’ll do the best we can.
(CO20C1) And the very unsatisfying yet scientific answer is : it’s too hard.
(CO21C1) Less waste to landfill is not only good for the environment but it’s good for the economy.
(CO22C1) However it happened , the underworld is overcrowded, and Zeus has ordered Hades to let some spirits out.
(CO23C1) Either the scales tip one way — only some of us get access to the product and COVID remains a threat to all of us — or we balance the scales, we all get access to the right weapons, and we all move on together.
(DE60C1) She became the first of either gender to record.
(DE62C1) If there are necessary relationships or necessary environments that are toxic to one’s faith, merely identifying that fact is already a victory.
(DE63C1) But the truth is, it’s not going to be either of those things.
(DM11C1) The attorney wrote he anticipated any effort to achieve my client’s objectives as stated above will be aggressively contested by her father.
(FO6C1) Note the contrast between the following two quotes.
(FO7C1)(P5) Given the fact that having more leisure time can lead to positive results , one can be more creative in his work.
Located in the heart of the city, the gymnasium swaps out treadmills for pianos.
(FO8C1)(P3) All in all, I have a very busy plan for the weekend.
(P3) All things considered, I will choose the Sony VAIO notebook.
(P5) When you think about it, it makes sense.
At the end of the day, we play cricket, and other things are much more important.
(FO10C1) What I think is important, though, is to move beyond these large-brained mammals and give these guys more credit, these simple animals, these insects that we tend to think of as very, very simple with tiny little brains.
(FU58C1) You ‘re probably going to need a rather specific and earthlike planet.
(FU60C1) We shall not bring back a single bit of gold or silver, and not a gem, nor any coal or iron. We shall not find a single foot of earth that can be planted with crops to raise food.
(FU61C1) Something somewhere will always have changed.
(FU62C1)(P4) I strongly recommend finding a conversation partner if you want to make your foreign language just like your native language!
(FU63C1) By the time it lands, they will already know if anything needs to be serviced.
(FU65C1) I’m going to share with you today where this technology is at and where it just may be heading in the near future.

(M178C1) This would actually benefit us all.
(M179C1) You could have done better.
(M180C1) It’s something they really ought to consider.
(M182C1) And, what might not have occurred to you is, what are the logistics really like of working on another planet.
(M186C1) As you can see, there is a lot of movement both up and down.
As you can imagine, this is a game that never ends well.
I have been very lucky to be on that show many times and I can tell you that it is a very well run machine.
As a current student of Xavier I can say that this is the best school to attend in the area.
I can assure you that this is not the case.
(M187C1) “What? How dare you!” the queen huffs.
(M188C1) It was my dad’s favorite food, which can’t have helped, because he died of heart disease.
(M189C1) “There’s an expectation that the economy will function normally and in a healthy way down the road,” she said.
(M192C1) But there ought to be a law against looking this good.
(M193C1) In fact, proof, if you should need it, that you should never allow a scientist or an engineer to name anything, not even your children.
(M194C1) How might you mark up the diagram to figure out what to do next?
(M195C1) At first, you might have to consciously change how you pronounce certain words every time you speak, but with practice, you will soon be speaking them effortlessly.
(M196C1) I can honestly say, standing there, looking at her home, was the first time I felt like I’m a Tennessean.
(M197C1) If the situation had been reversed, and I’d lost a child in a fire, I’m not sure that fire dancing would be the answer.
(M198C1) Dare I admit that after she did it I never really loved her again?
(M199C1) It makes us a highly effective company.
(P3) First, enjoying my work and making a lot of money are equally important.
(M201C1) What problem did you use to have but now have solved?
(M202C1) He ought to have foreseen the crisis.
(M205C1) Well, we needn’t have worried.
(M208C1) From all these pieces of evidence, it can be concluded that the video is an old one.
(M209C1) Between now and 2050, when the global population is set to move from today’s 7.6 billion to tomorrow’s 9.8 billion people, hundreds of millions of people will experience security, health and safety issues.
(NE22C1) Johnson added that the tools are only available to adults, and they prefer items to be returned during library hours to ensure none are stolen.
(NE23C1) They recently sequenced Pinot Noir, and it also has about 30,000 genes, so the number of genes you have may not necessarily represent the complexity or the evolutionary order of any particular species.
(NE25C1) It now has no relevance to the book whatsoever, but it’s a nice spread, I think, in there.
(NE26C1)(P3) Finally, not all things you think to do in this world can turn out in the way you try to do them.
(NE27C1) We’ve even seen Peely being hunted by the Predator, a scenario few survive.
(NO51C1) Creating an account is free.
Adding to the confusion is the right arrow key.
(NO53C1) And what I discovered was a place I wasn’t angry with.
(PASS32C1) Being born in the rain forest region of Sumatra, I believe in the power of our forests as the natural solution to our climate crisis by giving indigenous peoples and traditional communities more rights to protect and manage the forests where they live.
(PASS33C1) And working with Craig got me thinking.
(PASS35C1) Kim got Kanye to go up there so they could live separate lives and quietly get things sorted out to separate and divorce.
(PASS36C1)(P5) It has been estimated that in the United States alone, at least 400,000 of such embryos are destroyed.
(PAST80C1) I thought it would be a great opportunity to do an experiment.
(PAST81C1) What is the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?
(PAST82C1) We can confirm this incident did occur.
(PAST83C1) Not only did this affect his reputation with the fans, but also hurt his relations with the other drivers on the grid.
(PAST84C1) Authorities have not released his name.
(PAST85C1) It would have been much easier had he lived on TRAPPIST-1.
(PAST86C1) Having said that, I did not choose destruction, I chose to pick up a camera instead of a gun.
(PREP15C1) Samsung aims to stay ahead of the curve with Note20.
(PRES34C1) This chart illustrates how many Americans feel rich, versus how many don’t.
(PRES36C1) So if all human life depends on plants, doesn’t it make sense that perhaps we should try to save them? I think it does.
(PRO98C1) The episodes are broken up into several different segments, many of which feature real kids.
(PRO102C1) Rita is an incredible inspiration to so many, hers is a success story for all women who feel alone as they struggle to assert themselves.
(PRO103C1) There is also the question of images that the words create in the translator’s mind and that of the author.
(PRO104C1) Regretfully, it seems that anything that interferes with their end goal isn’t worth their effort or time.
(PRO105C1) Each attempt was substantially different from the other.
(PRO106C1) Others claim that the stones are weather makers and can cause rain to fall if water is poured over them.
(PRO107C1)(P3) It is said that the spicy hot pots can enlarge your pores.
(Q33C1) And she’s your granddaughter? Not much of a family resemblance, is there? Well, she takes after her mother’s side.
(V56C1)(P3) For example, you can see children work in the street and they don’t go to school.
(V60C1) It’s the best solution I can come up with.

(77GSEC1)(P5) But for her advice in a lot of situations, I would not have had a wonderful childhood.
(80GSEC1) Would you be so kind as to lend me some money?

(EVPC1) Keep an eye out for these stolen vehicles.

(ADJ56B2) Generally speaking, debt only becomes a real problem when a company can’t easily pay it off, either by raising capital or with its own cash flow.
Reinemann believes a good Fintech founder must solve a real problem if they expect to create value that someone will pay for, and payment or value is of course required to be a successful entrepreneur.
(ADJ57B2) Preliminary data from cases in China shows the mortality rate among smokers is slightly higher than non-smokers.
He can produce slightly smaller versions of himself. Each version can do only two things: radio information back to its parent, and produce slightly smaller versions of itself.
(ADJ58B2) Scientists in the modern era would spend a couple of hundred years figuring out the answer to this question. Isaac Newton was one of the earliest.
(ADJ59B2) Give bulbs a sunny position in well-drained soil rich in organic matter.
(ADJ60B2) In other words, crosswords give us an MRI scan into this odd void between short-term and long-term memory: the gray space in our gray matter.
(ADJ61B2) This was actually rather a long way from the city, out on the M8 past Greenock to a windswept arc of greyish sand by the Firth of Clyde.
(ADJ62B2) About 15% of Americans say their preferred source of news is social media, and Facebook is by far the most popular among them.
(ADJ63B2) Meir’s peer Drew Morgan says it does a much better job of staying fit, I get a much greater heart rate doing this than I do running on the treadmill.
(ADJ64B2) She was an early adviser and former board member at Tesla.
(ADJ65CL89B2) I’m a singer and had been fortunate enough to have been asked to sing on some of those films.
(ADJ66B2) What’s the best way to get rid of mice?
(ADJ63B2) Bryan can help these guys become much more effective pitchers.
(ADJ67B2) Giving away $1 million in product is a lot cheaper than buying a Super Bowl ad, which cost on average around $5 million for a 30-second spot.
(ADV52B2) To manage the claims the organisation’s ranks quickly increased to 1600, but some of the new employees were not equipped with the skills to do the job properly which led to problems with the repairs.
(ADV54B2) Instagram guru and author Rachel Hollis said she is sorry after she appeared to attribute a famous Maya Angelou quote to herself on her Instagram account, while simultaneously blaming it on her team. Hollis, who has been accused of plagiarizing quotes on social media multiple times in the past, posted the quote” Still, I rise” to her Instagram account over the weekend.
(ADV55B2) Evidence, at least in modern frogs and lizards, suggests islands may accumulate new species more rapidly than mainland habitats.
(ADV56Neg18B2) Never have I seen such intense orange!
(ADV57B2) It’s going to be quite a challenge to race before September.
(CL88/94B2) It starts with self-examination and listening to those whose lives are different from our own.
As I sat with families whose children were at the end of their lives, I was acutely aware of our surroundings.
(CL90B2) A boy was caught on camera falling from a climbing wall and landing flat on his back before walking away as if nothing had happened.
It’s almost as though nature is telling us to calm down.
(CL91B2) In case you’re wondering, the igloos aren’t made of snow and ice.
(CL91CO16B2) As soon as he saw the officer was in trouble, he knew what he had to do.
Many bears will remain active as long as they can find food.
Even in tough times, you need things to inspire you and keep you going, which is fine, as long as you’re not overspending on them.
(CL92B2) A man is fighting for his life after being shot multiple times in Petersburg, authorities said.
He, too, was coming to the end of his 14-day monitoring period, after having been exposed to a co-worker who tested positive for the virus.
After being told these stories, I started thinking.
I moved back to India after having spent six years in the US.
(CL93B2) Don’t you just love these long rainy afternoons?
Wouldn’t you rather have a sweet phone call?
Shouldn’t it also be good for food?
Haven’t you ever seen a woman’s face?
(CL95B2) One can safely assume that it will have some new features thanks to the latest technology that Nintendo Switch features.
Shares can be one of the best investments you can make.
It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that they were never going to tell me.
The worst that can happen is you lose your job.
(CL96B2) The hand is a great tool, not only because it’s always with you but also because each one is suited to the individual.
(CL97B2) So rather than focusing on the negatives, I hope that we can all focus on what the positives can be and that we can take more action in our lives.
Rather than focusing on individuals, we should focus on the circles around them.
(CL98B2) Looking back, I think that sports meant more to me than the next person.
Having no other option, I started selling the bananas.
Using your mouse, you can slap him, punch him, and even throw grenades at him.
(CL99B2) Do not apply ice directly to your skin.
Allow the solution to dwell, but do not allow it to dry.
(CL100B2) There’s one USB Type-C on each side, which is good for charging.
(CL101B2) The colors disappear underwater in the same order as they appear in the color spectrum.
(CL102B2) That’s the plan because there’s no other plan in place that I know of.
(CL103B2) The numbers are higher than expected.
To be kind is more important than to be right.
It may now be cheaper to buy than to rent, which is good news for first-time buyers.
It is better to give than to receive.
(CL104-CO15B2) It is neither the time nor the place to go into the details of discussions.
We can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any ongoing investigation.
Matter can be neither created nor destroyed.
(CL85CO18B2) Up to 30 people will be allowed to attend auctions, weddings and funerals, provided they are held outside.
Government should be able to appoint anyone it wants, provided that the person is clean, qualified and goes through a screening process.
Provided that the person is informed, temperature measurements can be carried out only by persons under a secrecy obligation.
HSE warns to keep taking your medication unless your doctor tells you to stop.
This will worsen unless something is done.
(CO16B2)And despite the fact that research has shown nearly half of all trans women have been victims of sexual assault in their lives.
We come not for their sakes but for our own, in order that we may drink at the same springs of inspiration from which they themselves drank.
Food prices are rising not because we don’t have enough food, but mainly due to the fact that the agri-food supply chain is currently unable to deliver when and where food is needed due to the shortage of labor, particularly at farm level, “Sanjib Bhuyan, an associate professor at Rutgers University’s Department of Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics, told TODAY.
(CO17B2) With certain species of seahorse, the males give birth; with others, they have both male and female reproductive organs.
(CO18B2) Some jumped in full throttle to start serving dine-in customers hungry for the total restaurant experience, whereas others are treading carefully.
Except as provided in paragraph (b), a lawyer shall not represent a client if the representation involves a concurrent conflict of interest.
If you have wavy or curly hair, remember that once your hair is dry it’s going to shrink again.
Once you’ve done that, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your plant friend alive.
Once you are happy with the design, you can glue it on to your colourful card.
(CO18B2/EVPB1) There’s no way I can talk about any of that stuff, except that it was something that obviously I was so excited about.
It’s like attaching a second or third physical monitor to your computer, except it’s all virtual, of course.
(DE54B2) The driving factor for the global autonomous vehicles market is due to its ability to tackle many issues related to road transportation.
(DE55B2) Nearly 20 percent of Earth’s seafloor is now mapped.
(DE56B2) The older you are the more likely you are to develop the disease.
However, as with any long-term investment, the more you have in your super now, the better off you will be when the time comes to retire.
The higher you go, the more food you have to eat.
The lower the value, the more fearful investors are.
(DE57B2) From fairytales to outdoor adventures, join the kids’ club for weekly themes!
(DE58B2) No one in their right mind would include her in this type of operation.
If an employer’s negligence costs someone their life, they will be prosecuted and may go to jail.
Everyone played their part.
Everybody’s got to do their share.
(DE59B2) Mcculloch 1000 lawn mower cuts little and often, helping to ensure you get a green lawn all year round with very little effort on your part.
(DM8B2) To begin with, he was born into England’s Royal Family.
In summary, the council officers appeared to ignore that the project went against the wishes of the Maori owners.
(DM9B2) This gas gets trapped inside the bread dough due to the presence of gluten in it, thus making the dough rise.
(DM10B2) Similarly, experts estimate the healthcare IT market will grow to $390 billion by 2024.
In the same way that older songs can find new audiences on TikTok, older slang emerges on the app to be championed by a broader, younger audience.
Likewise, you might emphasize that although she and her black friend have different skin colors, they have lots of things in common.
(FO4B2) The place, which is managed by the SSD Concerts company, promises to follow all measures of social distancing.
The reason that less number of workers were paid relief is that a large number of registered workers don’t renew their registrations.
(FO5B2) The thing is that any additional money you have sitting directly in your mortgage is not safe for you to access any time.
The fact is, high carbon emissions are embedded in New Zealand’s tourism GDP.
The point isn’t that the cognitive test is easy.
The point is that Trump keeps bragging about it.
Well, the reason is that this pandemic has had somewhat of an unprecedented impact on many industries.
(FU40B2) Readers, of course, will not have seen frantic news reports about such a large-scale crisis emanating from one of the labs conducting research on enhanced avian influenzas.
The Ainu have long been of interest to anthropologists because of their cultural, linguistic and physical identity, but most travellers will not have heard of them.
The genuine hospitality that our guests are used to will not have changed, Swann said.
(FU41B2) Jess wasn’t about to let Colt know about her tense discussion with his ex-wife.
I was just about to post something about this.
There were no other signs of what was about to happen.
(FU42B2) One thing’s for sure, he won’t have been living the lifestyle he’d grown accustomed to, as one of the greatest footballers of all time, during his 32-day spell in prison.
(FU43-44B2) Mars is about to be invaded by planet Earth big time.
(FU45B2) But, who are you voting for?
Are you planning to make a fashion statement when you walk down the aisle or are you going for a more subdued look?
What other jobs are you applying for?
(FU46B2)Rihanna is releasing her Fenty skin care range really soon!
Instagram is launching a new shopping page that’ll highlight brands and collections.
(FU49B2) Because shops will be asking more from their factories, they will have been working around the clock to meet this demand.
(FU52B2) Readers who have been keeping up to date with CoronaCheck will have noticed there is a lot of misinformation and fake news circulating.
(FU53B2) I am to ensure that most of my time outside of work is spent with family.
Twitter said its motivations are to create a more human experience.
Our goal is to provideI each student with a device at the secondary level.
(FU55B2) So, which of these events will you be attending?
Will you be celebrating the anniversary?
(FU56B2) He is due to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court today.
(FU57B2) We were on the point of being seduced with the idea of friendly aliens.
(M123B2) Will you marry me? It wasn’t until I met my husband that I heard the words, I am sorry, will you please forgive me?
(M124B2) I must say that I am very happy with how the complete team of Pixyle adapted to working remotely.
(M126B2) Cat lovers need not apply.
Console players needn’t worry about PC players.
(M129B2)You’re sure to find the one you love.
Donald is certain to be one of the other two left.
Be sure to select waters that you are familiar with.
(M131B2) You have got to get outside and take a walk.
You’ve got to try and stay positive.
You have to keep in mind certain things.
(P3) Another thing is you have to make sure that you have included signal words to help the reader.
(M132B2) It’s obvious that some people live in a bubble.
I am certain that, in this way, we will reach exceptional levels of development.
It is likely that it will be used in full.
Either you deal with reality, or you can be sure that the reality is going to deal with you.
(M135B2) From the beginning, it became apparent that Bill and Lesley needed help making all this magic happen.
It was clear that many of those featured weren’t actually ready to get married.
(M136B2) I dare not trust the sweetest frame.
(M137B2) You can’t be sure until you go there, but she’s quite easy to ride in a race.
We can not be responsible for putting our students, staff and families at risk.
(M138B2) He told me I could live on $4,400 a year.
He said he could fix me 100 percent.
(M141B2) She should be focusing on the upcoming competitions.
(M143B2) They don’t win as much as they used to, but the football program is still an elite brand.
A patient may not realize it, but exercise stimulates the brain.
(M144-166B2) It must have seemed a huge gamble.
(M145B2) I hope that overconfidence will lead them to do this sooner than they ought to.
(M146B2) This may seem obvious, but sometimes we want to start a business without even thinking about the why.
(M147-161B2) Must I provide contact details if eating out?
(M150B2) You may even want to check with friends or on social media.
British TV lovers may already know Ritu Arya.
(M154B2) So many things can go wrong and delays occur as a result, too.
(M155B2) This holiday weekend, we’re likely to see a peak in motor and cycle traffic.
The rainfall activity is likely to_TO continue till August 6.
(M156B2) Pierre would be willing to return to the UFC if the company made him an offer.
(M157B2) The main premise of the show is puberty and all the awkward ugliness that other shows don’t dare touch.
(M159B2) Does this sound familiar? It should.
If this sounds familiar, it should.
It’s a demonstration of what we’ve seen in the numbers, which is that young people are not taking this as seriously as they should.
It’s very hurtful for a new business to not be able to function as it should, says Lara.
Parties on both sides have said that the conflict has prevented it from operating as efficiently as it should.
The running today allows us to make sure that it is functioning as it should before we take the car to Phillip Island.
I wouldn’t buy the stock, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.
With such a great producer who has so much experience, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t.
In fact, you shouldn’t.
(M160B2) I would wake up every morning and I would eat, lik, six egg whites with cottage cheese and smoked salmon. Every time I would go over there I’d always ask him if he wanted me to bring him anything.
(M163B2) As you may or may not know, big things are happening here in Williamsburg.
As you may have noticed, the chat function has disappeared from the top of the forum.
(M165B2) Even if you are a climate change denier you must admit that there is a chance that you are wrong and all those scientists are right.
(M167B2) This is something that’s bound to happen because Hutchins has spent a lot of time learning from Kylie.
(M169B2) Poor and disabled children are much more likely to be overweight.
(M170B2) In the meantime, she explained to him what she went through and why she was obliged to leave them.
(M172B2) The session is meant to provide area residents with an opportunity to share concerns.
(M173B2) You can still see the damage and the vacant lots left after the debris was removed.
You can now use Google Search to easily find live TV shows and sports.
I can probably get rid of most of my shoes, too, since these days I wear fuzzy slippers in the house and sneakers on the dog walks.
While we can hardly wait to read them, Stephanie added that, unfortunately, the two books weren’t coming in the imminent future.
It can sometimes cause miscarriages in pregnant women and can even be fatal.
(M177B2)(P4) In Korea, it is so common that women should be looking for a job after divorce.
(NE19B2) None of us would be here today if it weren’t for the iconic surf shops that helped shape our industry.
None of this is real.
(NE20B2) I would not hesitate to give you anything for a second if it meant seeing that pretty smile on your face.
(NO45B2) Italy joins a small but growing number of countries allowing ships to return.
(NO48B2) Students do not have access to smartphones or laptops to attend online classes.
They’re only interested in technologies that are built with them in mind.
Research shows it has little effect on their maths and reading skills.
(P2) He has many paintings and sculptures on display, and his artistic productions are popular for many people.
(NO50B2) Keeping a food diary can help.
(PASS14B2) Any help would be appreciated.
(PASS15B2) She is not being released until she is formally charged.
(PASS16B2) Many people were being treated for injuries.
(PASS17B2) They had not been informed of the decision until yesterday.
(PASS20B2) They said Trump has not been tested daily in recent months.
(PASS21B2) The aircraft is being developed as a national project.
(PASS23B2) They later told Luke the man had been shot.
(PASS24B2) Companies use cookies to get you to buy more stuff.
(PASS26B2) This episode is brought to you by HBO.
(PASS27B2) The project has been designed by Stewart Architecture and split into two development applications.
(PASS28B2) It was somehow sudden news from Honda and now we need to consider something that was not considered a few days ago.
(PASS29B2) While spending more time at home and cooking more indoors as cooler weather approaches, it is important to be prepared.
A crisis is an opportunity not to be missed.
Letters already published in other papers will not be considered .
(PASS30B2) At home and abroad, LGBT Syrians fight to have their voices heard.
(PAST51B2) What can fans expect from the album and what challenges have you faced while making it?
Have you noticed a change in your water?
(PAST52B2) If so, how did you handle the situation?
Oh and did I mention it’s free?
(PAST53B2)However, it has now emerged that some residents in Derry have also been experiencing issues with student parties.
I’ve also been testing 4K performance, which you can find below.
(PAST54B2) He had previously worked for McConnell Electric in Spring Valley as well as in Rochester as an electrician at Seneca Foods.
Instead of going out as she had originally planned, Jain celebrated her 21st birthday at home with her family.
(PAST56B2) No sooner had they reached question five than Gianna had a sense of discovery in her mind.
(PAST57B2) Council President Rein Bonteger asked if he had considered reducing hours as they had discussed at the August meeting.
Then the Pharisees also began to ask him how he had received his sight.
(PAST58B2) Canfield said he had not been drinking.
“The hot water hadn’t been working for months,” he said.
(PAST59B2) For me, it’s a bittersweet day because I had planned to get married to Lyra and now that’s never going to happen.
(PAST60B2) I was wondering if you could recommend the best budget mobile phone?
I was thinking that it would be good to do this.
(PAST61B2) In six years, I still haven’t managed to win a race there and it plays on my mind a little bit.
3 months after getting COVID-19, she still hasn’t recovered.
(PAST62B2) You would have to be able to show the problem existed at the time of purchase, which is very difficult to prove retrospectively.
This reporting assignment lasted a long time.
The Auctions took place last week, offering historical cameras for sale.
(PAST63B2) Winnie Harlow didn’t realize she was different as a child and wants to open doors for future models.
(PAST64B2) For those who haven’t been following the latest food trends, cauliflower rice isn’t actual rice.
(PAST65B2) Had she expected Janelle to offer to give her a massage?
(PAST66B2) The two establisments had planned to host fundraisers this year, but they were unable to do so because of COVID-19.
She had wanted to get a dog but felt she couldn’t because of work.
(PAST67B2) She and her stepfather restored the bike themselves after it had been sitting inoperable for 10 years.
(PAST68B2) Never before had I seen any human skin books that were so obviously of human origin.
(PAST69B2) They all had been drinking, so Cole was totally happy to do so.
(PAST70B2) George Clooney was originally going to play Ryan Gosling’s role in The Notebook.
This was a shocking attack on a man who was simply trying to speak to his mother.
Researchers said 5 million Americans were currently working half or full time from home.
(PAST71B2) The landscape can get muddy when it has been raining.
(PAST72B2) So I figured I’d pull the top off and check what the issue was.
I’m not sure if I mentioned this but it can MOVE ON ITS OWN.
When I got to university I felt lonely, so I got a job in a local fish restaurant.
Before I started, I saw a car similar to this from California.
Since Inkey List launched its hair line, scalp-care products have been especially popular and have driven interest among men.
America stayed in Afganistan until they reached a deal.
After debating whether to ration the alcohol I already had at home, or to enjoy it while it lasted, I went all in.
(PAST73B2) And then, I wondered if you could help us think about your outlook for the net interest margin in 4Q?
I’m doing research for school about Fergus Suter so I wanted to know if you could give me your sources.
I wanted to thank you for all your awesome articles over the years.
(PAST74B2) He said he bought the property this summer and had planned to move into the home with his three sons.
(PAST75B2) In 2016, Intel announced that it had signed an agreement to transfer a 51% stake in McAfee to the investment firm TPG for $1.1 billion.
(PAST76B2) It had originally been planning on retiring its Jumbos by 2024.
Rashford is currently enjoying his best season yet in a United shirt, adding a clinical edge to his game which had previously been lacking.
(PAST77B2) Dr Tam recently diagnosed cancer in a patient who had experienced delays in testing.
Fevola said it was that publicity that had led to her being nominated.
Hitler shot himself on 30 April 1945, avoiding capture by Russian forces which had taken Berlin.
(PAST78B2) Cormier won the championship against Anthony Johnson, who had been fighting since age 18.
The elevator, which had been operating in the down direction, was situated in between the first floor lobby and basement floor, the report states.
That night, the hotel’s security guard was sent to investigate the do not disturb sign that had been hanging on her doorknob for two days.
(PAST79B2) If only someone had told me I could listen to a podcast about depression.
I wish I had discovered it sooner.
I wish I hadn’t spent my twenties on you.
The fund has not achieved the goal and purpose for which it was established.
It cannot be used by anybody other than the person to whom it is sold.
(PREP13B2) No one quite understands the job apart from other escorts.
IKEA operates 10 of its massive stores in Australia in every state and territory except for the Northern Territory and Tasmania.
(PREP14B2) We can certainly expect a bit of rain throughout the day.
The most exciting moment happens toward the end of the video.
Upon successful completion of the course , the two graduates will be offered a year-long trainee engineering role within Abbey Road Studios.
Fortunately, consumers are increasingly recognising that Australian independent beers are amongst the best in the world.
(PRES29B2) I’d like to apologize, and I accept full responsibility for my actions that have brought me here today.
If you have bought the above product we advise you not to eat it.
I agree with you that this can often be the most effective way to communicate with a loved one.
I disagree with some of the changes made recently by leadership and so I ‘ve decided to move on.
(PRES30B2) Not only does it allow you to trust their work, but current customers will usually get preferential treatment in an emergency.
(PRES31B2) This BBC drama series takes place in an alternate universe.
(PRO68B2) In addition, he/she will be responsible for continuous improvements to the product architecture.
If the voter insists on going inside to vote, he or she will be able to do that.
(PRO69B2) There are more and more stories of people getting married who initially met through Tinder or something to that effect.
But it’s a law that hasn’t been enforced in Spokane or anywhere else in the state in recent history.
(PRO70B2) Those that are interested in this field can be very successful in this field and will find it very interesting and beneficial.
The weapons of superior technique and pace are typically those which belong to the lighter fighter when crossing weight classes.
(PRO71B2) It seems reasonable to assume that Wood authorised this book partly because she would never actually have written it herself.
(PRO72B2) Democracies around the world are under threat. Ours is no exception.
(PRO73B2) It’s one of those ones where you need to do the kitchen.
(PRO74B2) That was a challenge in itself, to find an identity and to find somewhere to be comfortable with my Indianness.
(PRO75B2) It takes a lot to instil peace if violence strikes, therefore work on yourselves and don’t allow any leader to destroy your future.
(PRO76B2) In a state as diverse as ours, our students must see themselves.

(PRO77B2) That middle stage has often been seen as somewhat useless by itself.
(PRO78B2) This is a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them and spread joy!
(PRO79B2)(P5) Anyone who wants to discourage smoking can stop this.
(PRO80B2)(P4) Third, the protection of animals is to protect human beings themselves!
(PRO82B2) I welcome the opportunity to visit with either of them, but doubt it will happen.
(PRO84B2)(P5) The members use English to communicate with one another and make crucial decisions without public input.
(PRO85B2) I got them in the sale as well so very happy. Would highly recommend.
(PRO86B2)(P5) Thus, if we find our partner’s action is quite different from ours, it doesn’t mean he or she is really the wrong person.
(PRO87B2)(P3) Friends of ours told me that the local council has opened two beautiful play grounds.
(PRO89B2)(P5) Each has a lot of vehicle product lines such as trucks, SUVs, sedans, and so on.
(P5) They have read a lot of cases, have discussed those cases, and have thought they have got enough.
Several have already seen discounts to their lowest prices, but Walmart’s Black Friday sale will bring many of them even lower.
Neither is easy to find anymore.
(PRO91B2) Therefore, one wonders if, in the future, this could be a realistic solution.
(P4) There are two kinds of special dates in the Chinese calendar. One is holidays, and the other is “Jieqis”.
(PRO92B2)(P4) Nothing is better than this.
(P5) Everywhere was so fascinating.
(PRO93B2)(P5) The reference to several linguists’ perspectives helps the discussion on the subject to develop more and makes this article itself more convincing.
(PRO94B2)(P5) They never talk to each other, even in the elevator.
(P4) I suggest that people who have synesthesia must rejoice in who they are even though they prefer to keep their secrets to themselves.
(P4) We have to say to ourselves: “I do not yet know what I carry in my heart, but I trust that it will emerge as I write.”
(P5) If you love to travel by yourselves, you can find information on the Internet.
(PRO95B2)(P4) They are organized typically in three paragraphs which make it easier for the reader to come back and refer to a point or more.
(PRO96B2)(P4) I am 153 centimeters tall, and my sister is too. My shoe size is also similar to hers.
The choice is hers to make.
(PRO97B2)If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs.
(P5) However, nowadays I feel my situation is similar to theirs.
(Q28B2) Let’s get into it, shall we?
(Q29B2)(P5) Why don’t I do that?
But why didn’t I think of that?
(R12B2) The film tells the story of a woman from Tehran who marries a man from an Iranian province.
(R13B2)(P5) “The ones you love are always in your heart,” said Carrie, who was a character acted by Parker.
(P5) “Seven more years?” asked William.
(R14B2)(P4) My mom gave her employee some money to support her, and told her not to worry about her job.
(P5) The rich man laughed and asked Afandi not to joke.
(R15B2) “No,” she said, “I’ve never seen it before.”
(R16B2)(P5) She told me that her plans for the following vacation were a trip to California.
“The day before Christmas Eve, I told him I loved him and he said it back on Boxing Day,” says Emma.
(V45B2) Remember to remove all names and usernames from posts.
(V47B2)(P5) Students need not even go to class because they know the lecture notes will be on the class web page along with the practice midterms and finals.
(V48B2) It seems as though Sony is aiming to go live with the presentation on June 11.
The timing may seem odd.
Microsoft Edge ads appear in Windows 10 search.
The price of electricity will remain unchanged next year.
(V49B2)(P5) Unfortunately, experts have been unable to come up with a cure for autism.
(V50B2)(P4) Writing is a form of expressing how one feels but there has to be a limit to the amount that one can express through writing.
(V51B2)(P5) Starting as a pulmonary rehabilitation therapist in 2008, I worked closely with several physiotherapists, which allowed me to see and understand many aspects of the department.
(V52B2) It’s hard to imagine it being worse.
(V53B2)(P5) Kramer finds a way to get the statue back : he pretends as if he is a policeman, goes to that guy’s house and takes it back.
(V54B2)(P4) If I think of the future, I see myself working around the world as an engineer, and this is my inspiration to study English because English is the international language.
(V55B2) You have all been excellent tenants and a pleasure to deal with and I‘m sorry to see you leave.
(V56B2) We recommend using one of the best password managers to create and handle all those new passwords.
(V57B2)(P3) Earthquakes destroy everything in an area and stir up dust from the destruction.

(60GSEB2)(P5) I think we should do our best at the present moment in order not to be regretful.
(62GSEB2) The loss of his job made a bigger difference than the end of his marriage.
(TB1) I hear that other cities or other parts of Mexico are more expensive than here.
(63GSEB2) If you practice in competitive, costly suburban and urban America, your business model may need adjusting.
(64GSEB2)(P4) Therefore, people should educate themselves on their human rights and the basic human rights that other nations have in order to avoid being deceived.
(66GSEB2) Today, billions of citizens have more tools, more access to information, more capacity to influence than ever before.
It’s time we started to think about the environment and a little bit less about money.
As an environmentalist, we would rather that didn’t happen.
When you speak your character’s words, you can hear whether they sound natural, and fix them if necessary.
Unlike the billions of people who have few options, if any, due to war, poverty or illness, you have plentiful opportunities to live decisively.
If in doubt, don’t drive.
Practically speaking, these laws drive HIV underground.
Taking the long view, we simply can not afford to leave China forever outside the family of nations.
(67GSEB2+) If you live to 90, then 32 years will have been spent entirely asleep.
(71GSEB2+) What is it that we want to ask? What is it we‘re trying to find out here?
It was as though time had stopped.
Only if the court was able to see how these policies came together would he be able to see the double discrimination that Emma DeGraffenreid was facing.
And only if your per capita income is above 6,000 dollars a year will you have democracy come hell or high water.
(73GSEB2+) After all, the first intentional human burial is thought to have occurred around 100,000 years ago.
(P5) Moreover, English is considered to be an international language.
(P5) In addition, he is believed to be the first teacher, because the first education system in ancient China was established by Confucius.
(74GSEB2+) Under no circumstances should doodling be eradicated from a classroom or a boardroom or even the war room.
In no way am I saying that preference doesn’t exist.

(ADJ34B1)(P5) It can provide valuable information to a wide range of professionals: physicians, chemists and biologists, to name a few.
(P4) This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles.
(ADJ35B1)(P5) In order to eliminate accidents, we must stay at home in an enormous snowstorm. It is the best way to keep safe.
(ADJ36B1) They’ve caused quite a fair bit of damage.
(ADJ38B1) It will make it much tougher to achieve.
(ADJ39B1) Getting work done on TaskTeens is quick, easy, and efficient.
(ADJ40B1) It might be even worse and lead to a big conflict.
(ADJ41B1) Reading more English content is one of the most important ways to learn English fast.
(ADJ43B1)(P3) Next, the most important thing is your house; it should be big enough for the guests and party.
(ADJ44B1)(P5) Definitely, there is nothing wrong with being different, other than the morning fight between pancakes, eggs or yogurt.
(ADJ47B1) He’s been like that every week and he’s getting stronger and stronger as the season goes on.
(ADJ48B1)(TB2) It is her latest book.
(ADJ55B1)(P3) He also plays traditional, individual sports like tennis and golf.
(ADV37B1)(P4) Basically, I agree with you. We need blankets because we should keep our bodies warm while we are sleeping.
(ADV38B1)(P4) It was a really really nice story.
(ADV48B1) Miss Berry was standing nearby on the playground.
(ADV49B1)(P3) Finally, I just take a rest.
(CL42B1)(P3) He would teach me how to cook if he was free.
How would you respond to this message if you received it from your manager?
(CL43B1) But then I began to wonder whether a game or an app can really change attitudes and behaviors, and if so, can I measure that change?
(CL46B1)(P4) I remember the day when we moved to that house.
(CL48B1) How Lucky we are!
How wonderful to have worked for Qantas.
(CL49B1) Police said the man, whose name was not released, got out of the truck and fired in the direction of the officer while he was sitting in his car.
(CL51B1) And if he still understood it, why does it even matter?
(CL52B1) It’s impossible to know whether you see reds, greens, and other colors the same way as people with perfect vision.
(CL54B1) The result was a polished adventure game rather than a series of glorified shooting galleries.
Germans are famed for their love of white asparagus rather than the more common green variety.
(CL55B1)(P2) He looks like a cute turtle.
(CL56B1) It may sound complicated but it’s simpler than it sounds.
(CL57B1) WFH is bad for your mental health unless you get up.
There is no permission. So you can not produce unless you can sell, said Mr. Bhargava.
(CL59B1)(P3) Adornment must be solid, if not, it will get broken in the middle of the party and destroy the happy mood.
(CL61B1)(P3) After studying English, I go to my apartment.
(CL63B1) This could be the reason why suddenly there is a rise in water weight.
(CL64B1) Do check when buying your chair.
(CL68B1) I hear folks saying, I had one activist say to me that the pain that he was feeling was too large to fit into his body. And without thinking about it, I said right back, “That’s because it’s too large to fit into a lifetime.”
(CL69B1)(P3) When I got his problem, I opened my mind as quickly as I could.
(P3) Before you begin cooking, plan as much as you can on paper.
(CL73B1)(P3) The people who come should find your house easily.
(CL74B1)(P3) On the other hand, TV may waste someone’s time if watching it is not controlled.
You should be careful if you decide to use a public network because most of them are available to everyone.
(CL75B1) This is a design by Philippe Starck, who I believe is in the audience at this very moment.
(CL76B1)(P3) Only one disadvantage is that I can spend a lot of time cooking, while if I buy ready meals, I don’t spend time.
(CL77B1) Whose side are you on?
(CL78B1)(P3) Her laptop computer is on the top of the desk where it is easy for her to reach.
(CL79B1) But I do agree that things are a mess.
(CL83B1) I’m so glad that I decided to read this book and am excited to read more about Nubia in the future.
(CL84B1) “Nothing is worse than losing your bank card when abroad,” he said.
(CO11B1)(P4) In that way, you will know your mistakes, so you can avoid them in the future.
(P3) I think that an appropriate age to drive a car is 18 years old, as it is required in Italy.
(CO14B1) They can show where the robot is going or if it’s confused. Plus, eyes make robots more human.
(DE37B1) I can’t get enough of that feeling, and that’s why I learn a language every two years.
(TB1) Half of the money, I’ll put in a bank.
(DE39B1)(TB2) Just park it at home, show it to a few of our friends who come.
(TB1) There are several rules in the school like no playing in the corridor.
(DE40B1) Why is there so much traffic?
(DE42B1)(TB1) When did you go to London? I went this year.
(DE43B1)(P3) Most students eat lunch and dinner in a cafeteria.
(DE44B1) Women’s organizations were active participants from the beginning.
(DE46B1) It seems concerning, but history shows it isn’t.
(P2) My favorite food is chicken.
(DE47B1)(P5) After a while, I thought that it was better to move to the other house.
(TC1) Actually, we also have the other side of the coin.
(DE48B1)(TB1) We have nearly all the big automobile companies.
(DE49B1)(P3) Also, I’m a person that can’t stay up all night studying. So I do a little bit of it daily.
(P3) They eat a little meat and many vegetables.
(TB2) Most people like my grandmother add a bit of lamb.
(DE50B1) Can these 3 retailers punch their way out of a recession?
(DE51B1)(P5) The movie’s trailer, doing a good job by not giving out too much information, did not appeal to my taste at first.
(DM4B1) On the one hand, there is the anger.
(DM5B1)(P3) As you see, the rate of female suicide dramatically decreases from 2001 to 2002.
(FO2B1) It is good that you are here.
(FU21B1) It will end as soon as Hedge finds his target.
(FU23B1)(P4) When he started talking, I was curious about the next things that he was going to tell me.
(FU26B1) Now, I’m not going to lie to you.
(FU31B1)(P3) I’m going to try another steak.
(FU32B1) Kim Cattrall will not be returning as Samantha.
(FU34B1)(TB2) After the exams, I’m just going to watch this.
(FU35B1) Kid Cudi has announced he’s dropping a new track with Eminem tomorrow, and it’s the collaboration we didn’t know we needed.
(FU37B1) We shall be using cars.
The band will be joining the TV show.
(FU39B1)(P3) I remembered that day was Friday and our supermarket would sell a new food “toasted-duck”, but the manager had no idea how to let customers know how good it was.
(M56B1) Could I get a three-piece with a soda?
(M57B1) This book will certainly be of great use to them.
(M60B1)(P4) When I talk about fast food in my culture, which is in Saudi Arabia, we will observe that the people there didn’t use to eat fast food in the past, but now many people eat fast food.
(M61B1)(P5) You would be disgusted, wouldn’t you?
(M64B1)(P4) I realized that I should have set it up better before I had left.
(P4) In my opinion, I think it might have happened because the earth comes up and down.
(M69B1) It must be hard being a police officer in America, especially after the death of George Floyd.
(M70B1) That may also have a similar effect.
(M72B1)(P4) When I want to talk about my weaknesses in writing in English, I have to admit the new words are my main problem.
(M73B1)(TB1) I might not earn as much as others do.
(M75B1) Can’t you see I’m talking in the goddamned car?
(M76B1)(TB1) We’re not allowed to bring mobile phones too.
(M83B1) Would you mind if I took your picture?
(M88B1)(TB1) I think that teenagers must study.
(M90B1) As you might have guessed, I’m a tissue engineer.
(M91B1) In this case, I think you ought to try setting aside your feelings for a moment to consider your cousins’.
(M92B1)(P4) To go over it, you might need to make time when you can be alone.
(M94B1)(P4) However, you may not deny that you can not buy happiness even if you have too much money.
(M98B1)(TB1) Their students can get good grades and their income can be higher.
(M99B1) This was supposed to happen.
Residents will be allowed to enter Victoria but they will not be permitted to return.
Four people were able to get out of the home without injury.
(M101B1) Could you possibly tell me how to fix this?
(M102B1) I would say to anyone thinking of returning to Ireland: look beyond Dublin.
The authority would recommend the introduction of other licensed products for sale.
Now this is the moment that I would imagine anybody would hang their heads.
I would advise all shop owners to start checking.
(M103B1) Getting good at digging tunnels could be really helpful for Mars.
They were not going to take a chance and you couldn’t really blame them.
(M106B1)(P5) Every incident you go through will allow you to learn something which will help you through out your life.
(M107B1) None of this would have happened without Michael.
(M112B1)(P5) Two weeks later, he called me and invited me to a birthday party and he said you must come to celebrate with us.
(M116B1) We still ate them of course. Must try the peanut butter version from your video.
(M117B1)(P4) A child is very expensive, this causes parents to have to work more, which can lead to frustration and anger.
(M120B1) You can also add your own music.
(NE11B1) Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.
(NE13B1)(P4) My first name does not mean anything.
(NE14B1)(TB1) I don’t think that food here is expensive.
(NE16B1)(P3) I really like the idea of not having to miss my dogs!
(NO29B1)(P5) By the time you’re ready to hit the road, you will say to yourself “I did a really good job, and I have nothing to worry about.”
(NO32B1) And, you know, this is a fairly transparent example.
(NO33B1) That’s the biggest thing that I’ve learnt from this.
I will say this is the best product I have ever found to control my hair.
(NO35B1)(P2) I usually enjoy the trip on the weekends.
(P2) I am using the computer for my homework.
(P2) Now I am writing my homework in my apartment.
(P2) I’m doing my writing homework on the internet.
(P2) I am not shy with girls, I always tell my brother don’t be shy with them, they are the best creatures in the world.
(NO36B1) With the lack of competition due to COVID restrictions, Moraga’s Campolindo High School senior, Daniel Zabronsky, has been channelling his energy into teaching English to students in Colombia, South America. Zabronsky’s eighth-grade sister, Isabel, did her share of “tutoring” by speaking in English during visits to Colombia.
(NO37B1)(TB2) It’s a dream of mine.
(TC1) Writing letters can make your friends or parents feel the feeling of yours, and they can see the words of yours, so maybe this feeling is good enough rather than sending a message.
(NO40B1)(P5) The thing I hate most in Korea is that people eat frogs and insects.
(NO41B1) You have to perform at such a high level.
(NO42B1)(P3) Our chairs are on the opposite side of the doctor’s chair, in front of the desk.
(PASS4B1) Changes need to be made.
It’s going to be used for something.
You have to be prepared to work hard.
They don’t want to be seen as weak.
(PASS5B1)(P3) I would like to get rid of my bad habits.
(PASS6B1)(TB1) I was given a big horse.
(PASS7B1)(TB2) The girl’s side has to give something to the boy’s side when the girl is being sent to her in-laws.
(PASS10B1)(TB2) No, it’s not included.
(PASS12B1)(P3) All Chinese fields are owned by the Chinese governments.
(PASS13B1) Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month.
(PAST18B1)(TC2) Haven’t you heard about the Italians?
(PAST20B1) I love calling COVID Rona as if this is a person that has crashed our good time over the last year.
(PAST21B1)(TC2) I listen to music a lot and sometimes I wish that my life was a musical.
(PAST22B1) He is the most joyful person that I have ever met, and in just over a year, he has already made the world a better place.
(PAST24B1)(P3) At that time, I had not found my job and I had a lot of free time.
(PAST25B1)(P3) They always went back late.
(PAST27B1)(P3) Therefore, the people had been making a lot of music.
(TB2) As far as I understand, they had been trying for decades before they succeeded.
(PAST28B1)(P5) What was she talking about?
(PAST29B1)(TB1) Actually, I‘ve just started reading the first book.
(PAST30B1)(TB1) No, I haven’t received any yet.
(PAST31B1)(P4) What have you been doing?
(PAST33B1)(P3) I have read a lot of books about cooking since then.
(P3) We have been friends since we were high-school students.
(PAST35B1)(P5) I looked at the sheet and thought about it and then I continued following my sheet. When I noticed that I should have arrived, I called my brother and he told me that I had the wrong directions.
(PAST37B1)(P5) I could not focus on my reading at all, after a while because I was sweating hard.
(PAST38B1) The American Civil War had ended a few years prior.
(PAST39B1)(TB1) I was not eating chocolates.
(PAST41B1) It’s the best we’ve seen.
(PAST46B1)(TB1) I saw many fantastic things I had never seen.
(P4) Before I came here, I had just finished my military service in the Korean Army.
(PREP8B1) More dry, mild weather through the end of the week!
(PREP10B1) This means that a mere 2 out of 100 students ultimately experience the true magic of college.
(PREP11B1)(P3) The topic is two similar restaurants you have been to.
(PRES21B1)(P5) In conclusion, I suggest that international students whose English abilities are not strong enough should study in the ELI for at least one term before attending colleges or universities.
(PRES26B1)(P3) Some people say that money is the root of all evil, but I disagree with it.
(PRES28B1)(P3) I remember I could cook when I was 10.
(PRO39B1) That’s because if something happens just once or twice, that’s really not enough to find any patterns.
(PRO40B1)(P3) I think Bodrum has the best ones.
(PRO44B1)(P3) Come and try their hamburgers, then you can choose which one is special for you and know why I said that.
(PRO45B1) I thought to myself if a mouse speaking like an American and dressing like one can be normal for an American child, why not Hanuman and Ravana?
(PRO46B1) I‘ll tell you about just a few of those.
There’s Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Dogecoin, and those are just a few of the more popular ones.
(PRO49B1)(TB1) There are many types of chocolates in this world, but unfortunately, I’m a fussy girl and I just like some of them.
(PRO50B1)(P4) These lucky ones work for specific purposes and earn money as a side product of their efforts.
(PRO51B1)(P3) Today the Internet is an important part of our life and it is required at school, at home, at work, almost everywhere.
(PRO52B1)(P3) The hospitality in Saudi Arabia is very different between provinces. Some of these have traditional hospitality, but others have modern hospitality.
(PRO55B1)(TB1) What do you do to keep yourself fit?
(PRO56B1)(P5) These include choosing the school that offers your language and being away from your native language, as well as learning as much vocabulary as you can in numerous subjects. If you ignore any one of these steps, it will affect your studying and may cause complications in learning the new language.
(PRO57B1) The world needs every voice and perspective, and yours is included.
(PRO58B1)(TC1) I don’t want you to let anyone help you. You have to do things on your own.
(PRO59B1) One of the main duties of police officers is to save lives, and they should be the ones everyone comes to for help.
(PRO60B1)(TB2) In the village, people usually get to know each other.
(PRO61B1)(P5) It is not easy to implement workers’ ideas that may affect the company’s progress in one way or another.
(TB1) Do you think it‘s easier than Hindi? No, both are the same.
(TB2) Do you think people would be happy about that? A few would.
(PRO63B1) I have seldom seen companies as large as yours.
(PRO67B1)(P3) I have to do everything by myself.
(Q15B1) Ultimately, does longer life as we know it come down to diet, exercise, medicine, or something else?
(Q16B1) Sounds pretty cool, right?
(Q17B1) Don’t you think you’ve had enough?
Haven’t you heard that story before?
(Q21B1) Isn’t that amazing?
(Q22B1) Where can we see you perform next or in the future?
(Q23B1)(P5) Is it going to be a good chance for me or not?
(Q25B1)(P5) It was impossible, wasn’t it?
(Q26B1) Wouldn’t you agree?
(Q27B1) Should I stay or should I go?
(R3B1) They said they would call me the next morning with the results.
(R4B1) When I asked a woman about medical attention, she laughed, and she said , “Oh, no, no. The only attention you get from the guards in there is sexual.”
(R5B1)(P5) Finally, a friend asked me if I could bring him back some clothes from American brands since they were much cheaper in the States than in Switzerland.
(P5) One of my friends asked me if I could call him via Skype.
(R6B1)(P3) Then she asked me to bring my dog to a pet salon and cut all her fur.
(R7B1) You might have heard this term before and wondered what it meant.
(R10B1) Mr Paxman asked what he meant by “whole”.
(V30B1)(P3) Let me introduce my own habits.
(P3) First of all, we enjoy music because we want to listen to something that makes us feel better.
(V33B1)(P4) Then, to make your trip better, you can check out the landmarks, restaurants, history, and specialities.
(V35B1) There should be plenty of fireworks in the cage, but the judges likely won’t be needed.
(V36B1) I said to myself that I really needed a way to focus on the positive somehow.
(V37B1)(P4) Therefore, I called my husband to check it out.
(V38B1) The front desk will take your temperature and then ask you to sign in.
(V40B1)(P4) That can help you decide whether or not you like the major.
(V41B1)(P3) Inside my dining room, there is not enough space but you can move gracefully.
(V42B1)(P4) I started to understand that there are many types of movies, and I started to distinguish between them.

(56GSEB1+)I think it’s funnier when you know the person making them.
Several years earlier, she ‘d become the first woman to ski to the South Pole.
The children love to be told stories.
(57GSEB1+)(P4) You need to study hard to pass the test unless you don’t want to.
(58GSEB1+) It is for you to decide.

(ADJ6A2)(TB1) He was too old for that.
(ADJ7A2)(TB1) What’s the best type of music?
(ADJ11A2)(P2) I am not shy with girls, I always tell my brother don’t be shy with them, they are the best creatures in the world.
(ADJ12A2)(P2) My best friend is Riva.
(ADJ13A2)(P5) Consequently, Darwin’s theory on survival of the fittest no longer applies to humans.  Survival of the fittest mainly relies on nature or predators to eliminate the young, old, weak or unfit, yet humans today no longer fear animal attacks or blizzards.
(ADJ15A2)(P3) After that, the most important things are healthy foods.
(ADJ16A2)(P5) The first time when I came here, I thought America is full of criminals, and it’s impossible to go out in America alone at night because of the serial killers that I saw in the American movies.
(ADJ21A2)(TB2) Driving in the city is cool but difficult.
(ADJ24A2)(TB2) It was my favourite cake and that’s the only reason I used to go to school every day.
(ADJ26A2)(P4) They want to have a more comfortable life and find a job living like Americans.
(P2) I think the Olympics are becoming more popular because they are international activities.
(P3) It’s good for you to learn more useful English.
(ADJ28A2) A lot of different “smart drugs” are available on the market, and it’s difficult to choose the right one.
(ADJ29A2) The column included examples of correct grammar that make speeches and writing easier to understand, whereas mistakes make English weaker and uncomfortable.
(ADJ32A2)(P2) I was so hungry, so I ate two sandwiches.
(ADV18A2)(P3) So I think for all these reasons I like it so much.
(TB2) Reading helped me a lot during those days.
(ADV19A2)(P4) The living expenses in the US are lower than that of Japan. However, the cost of insurance in the US is more expensive than that of Japan.
(ADV25A2)(P3) First, she made me think about the future.
(P3) I sleep just one hour, and then I take a shower.
(P5) After that we are going to England and other countries in Europe.
(ADV28A2)(P3) The most important thing is to practise because with no practise, you will forget quickly.
(ADV30A2)(P3) First of all, architecture is closely connected with nature.
(ADV32A2)(P4) Therefore, it is just an act of eating.
(ADV33A2)(TB1) Yesterday I had a problem with my brother.
(ADV36A2)(TB1) Do you practise any sport now to keep fit?
(CL19A2) How many people are like you? Are like me?
(CL22A2) If you like, add an organic egg on top.
(CL23A2)(P3) She is coming out from the KITSON which is located in LA and is a department store.
(CL29A2)(P5) Let’s discuss each change and see some examples of them.
(CL31A2) If you prefer, you can sign up here.
(CL32A2)(P3) To learn English, just follow these steps.
(CL32A2)(P5) In addition, the people who lived in Korea 100 years ago didn’t have enough transportation.
(CL36A2)(P5) The right of being able to choose the way you want to think is being violated in the internet censorship.
(CL37A2) What are you doing? Where are you going? How does it work?
(CL38A2)(P5) What a trip it was.
(CL39A2)(P3) Keep it simple.
(CO8A2) I didn’t go to class, so I didn’t know the answer.
If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
When it comes to making a big change in your life, you have to want it more than you fear it.
(DE14A2)(P4) If the college’s tuition is very expensive, and the students can’t pay, they can’t go to that college.
(DE15A2)(P3) If you don’t serve too many alcoholic beverages, the guests won’t have trouble or face serious problems.
(DE16A2)(P4) Building a treehouse is easy when you keep in mind these instructions.
(DE23A2)(P3) I heard the thunder today, but there was not much rain.
(DE28A2)(P4) I like to know what the people think, their feelings and their frustrations, or why they act in one way instead of another one.
(P5) Therefore, there are differences in preferences, especially in this regard and each side has their own reasons.
(DE29A2)(P3) In fact, some of my habits are changed by my mood.
(FO1A2) In the world, you will have many problems.
(M13A2)(P5) Perhaps one of the most controversial rules is the death penalty.
(M14A2)(P3) While he studies, he won’t work in the US because he doesn’t have a visa.
(M15A2)(P4) I’m convinced that it wouldn’t take much time to change the system and think about how to add new things in order to help people to start the workday in a more enjoyable manner.
(M21A2) We mustn’t forget the impact Italy has had on the sparkling wine world with prosecco.
(M24A2)(P5) On the other hand, the lack of these qualities is probably the cause of many problems we have with other people.
(P4) At first, you may think that it was not a good idea to take this class, but soon you will definitely be sure that this is the class just for you.
(M29A2)(P3) The most important thing is doing the homework because if you do your homework you will always succeed.
(M34A2)(P4)Hannah’s friends, whose needs may include personal or professional problems, depend on her often for her knowledge, understanding and skills.
(M36A2) I’ll be able to find myself in a good position.
What will I be able to do on campus if I go?
Your guests won’t be able to get enough of these delicious dip recipes.
Players will not be able to use the same hero at the same time.
Farmers will be able to see their daily water use.
(M39A2) I would prefer to stay here.
Personally I would love to see movies on the big screen again, but at the same time I have to be adult and be responsible with my money.
(M40A2)(P5) Would you like to see that?
(M49A2)(P2) So I must study English very hard.
(M51A2)(TB1) I mean if someone wears something, you don’t have to wear that because she or he wears it.
(M52A2)(TB1) They could get some extra points.
(M55A2) It would be really nice for the coaching staff to know.
I don’t think it would be great for anyone’s knee.
(PREP5A2) Be sure to include personal information, such as your name, address, and current information for an emergency contact in your treatment plan.
(PRO38A2) Do you always go to the same place? Oh, that’s awesome!
(NE4A2)(P3) Finally, I think people should not watch TV a lot because that is going to affect their life in many ways, such as their work and their health.
(NE5A2)(P3) However, we also can interpret from the graph that we aren’t preparing for it yet.
(NE7A2)(P3) Don’t hit the enter key at the end of a line.
(NE10A2)(P5) And then I told my boss about it, but she didn’t care.
(NO16A2)(P5) His jeans were too tight.
(NO18A2)(P4) There are so many ways to reach happiness and everyone has their own way.
I regret some of the things I said to you.
(TB2) We can find a lot of information about black holes.
(NO19A2)(P5) It helps poor people to get rich by giving them a small amount of money and teaching them how to start making good interest by opening their own small businesses.
(NO20A2)(TB2) Here are some of the things which I got.
(NO22A2) A new study has found that smartphones are capable of recognising when people have had too much to drink by using sensors. It’s time to start thinking about holiday travel.
(NO24A2)(P3) My teacher told me “enjoy the music and you will dance naturally.”
(NO26A2)(P4) When I’m working on a translation I first write the unknown words down on a piece of paper.
(PAST16A2) I was trying to get you back.
(PRES7A2) People often ask me about my dreams.
(PRES15A2)(P3) If you don’t care about the topic, you will have a confusing party.
(PRES20A2)(TB2) Do you know what I mean?
(PREP3A2)(TB1) I was a shy girl and sometimes I was just like a boy.
(PRO12A2)(P4) Therefore, you will be sure to choose this place to visit if you’d like to have a rest and enjoy yourself.
(PRO14A2)(P3) I would like to choose my sister as a guardian because I can’t imagine someone else.
(PRO17A2)(P3) In addition, both of them speak Korean.
(PRO20A2)(P4) The only way to become really, really wealthy, besides crime, inheritance and lotto, is by starting your own business, so our crime prevention program includes all the tools to do just that.
(PRO21A2)(P5) The choice is yours.
(PRO23A2)(P3) Everyone knows Istanbul.
(PRO33A2)(P4) The Japanese thank everyone for bringing a peaceful end to living a past year and pray for happiness and good health in the coming year during New Year’s holidays.
(P3) Life without someone who cares and loves you with unconditional love is just like an empty world.
(PRO35A2)(P5) For instance, I was the only one who came from another country.
(PRO36A2)(P5)In conclusion, even if people have a professional career, this does not mean that they can find opportunities easily.
(Q8A2)(P5) In fact, what is the oldest school in the world? It is life, isn’t it?
(Q9A2)(P5) Why don’t we choose it to be our life?
(P5) Why don’t you visit my country in your break?
(Q14A2) How can I develop my style or voice in writing?
(V12A2)(P3) Several weeks later, my husband provided me the American football’s players’ cards which were 400 pieces, and told me that this is the most famous sport in America.
(V13A2)(P3) I am looking forward to getting your letter.
(V15A2)(P3) There are a lot of ways for you to do well in school.
(V18A2)(P2) I think they are sleeping now.
(V19A2) That is the moment I love to share with others.
(V22A2)(P4) And if you think it works, try it out.
(P4) And I called my friend to pick it up.
(P4) I think that a real friend is someone who can help you out when you are in trouble.
(V24A2)(P4) This sentence means that you need to keep in touch with your friends continually.
(V27A2)(P4) One of them is that when I come back home, I feel comfortable.
(V28A2)(P4) I enjoy spending time with my family.
(R2A2) No one told me it was a bad idea.

(ADV1A1)(P2) I always go to Waterfront.
(ADV3A1)(P3) I like to go there to eat food.
(ADV13A1)(P3) He looks very good.
(ADV15A1)(P3) They always went back late.
(CL5A1)(P3) I watched TV and washed my clothes.
(DE1A1)(P2) When I went to Chicago, I bought a nice coat.
(DE7A1) I go by car. I like rice. Then, I watch TV. I am happy at home. I play football.
(FU1A1)(P3) When he goes back to his country, he’ll find a job.
(M3-5-11A1) I would like to see Rafael Nadal on the court with some of the top female players.
(V6A1)(P4) I like to see the movies in my free time.
(P3) I want to get Japanese cosmetics because these are better for my skin than American cosmetics.

Academic Collocation List by iWeb ranking of the most common combination:

(68730)(P5) During my first and second academic years, I never went to the library.
(35559)(P4) Children can learn about taking responsibility by watching their parents accept responsibility.
I was called in to assume the responsibility.
It’s been so wonderful to look back and see all of my former colleagues who’ve gone on to get doctorates and assume leadership roles in other organizations.
(8691) Social constructionists believe that things that are generally viewed as natural or normal in society, such as understandings of gender, race, class, and disability, are socially constructed, and consequently aren’t an accurate reflection of reality.
He says it’s a school’s responsibility to tackle bullying early so that bullies, the bystanders or even victims don’t think that it’s acceptable behaviour to carry through into adulthood.
Psychologists can provide insights about how to teach children to manage their behaviour in ways that are socially acceptable.
His goal is to make the company more environmentally friendly and socially responsible.
Therefore, we find that people tend to give socially desirable responses.
(7428) We achieved tremendous outcomes.
(EGPB2) He had finally achieved his goal!
(P4) We can achieve our objectives by using effective time management.
(2856)(P5) The professor tries to explain the abstract concept of freedom.
(571) It was very popular in certain academic circles.


I have decided to start building my own corpus slowly, based around the term ‘Grammar’.  The choice of texts will come from Google News which are aggregated automatically.  I will only add the first occurrence within the page to get a wider spread of uses.  And if the same website continually shows up, it will be avoided.  I do not want to take everything from one site!  I will also put the input through the complexity checker which will provide some links to the actual grammar contained within the sentence.  This research will give us a very broad view of how grammar is used today.


Grammar is funny.

You may have written a brilliant essay

in which you prove, once and for all, the existence of God,

but a grammarian can ruin your feeling of accomplishment by pointing out

that you used ” I ” when you should have used ” me “.


Grammar can be boring, so grammar games are common.

You do a bunch of grammar and vocabulary lessons disguised as games.


There is no doubt that grammar is very important.

After 20 years of teaching academic writing to both native speakers and English language learners, I can attest that at some point, just about everyone asks me why, or even whether, grammar matters.



English is important as an international language.

With the launch of Foreign Language Signage Improvement Month,

such defective translation methods are on their way out, and pure bliss of faultless grammar and spelling are headed in.



Grammar is so important when it comes to the law.

The Supreme Court turned to its grammar books to deliver a victory for Facebook on Thursday in an under-the-radar case about whether the internet giant had run afoul of a three-decade-old federal law curbing abusive telemarketing practices.


However, there is a debate that grammar should not be so important in University exams.

It has beenif you can’t spell or use punctuation accurately or write basic, simple, reasonably grammatical English, don’t worry about it.



When I heard this week that Hull university has decided that marking students down for poor grammar was elitist

because it discourages disadvantaged studentssuch as those from poor-performing schools,

I thought: What a load of tosh.


There is not just one type of grammar.

Less commonly discussed, however, are the variations in grammar. American and British Englishes share almost all of the same grammar.


There is always a new grammar course in the news.

The Macmillan Altura skill offers curriculum grade English learning content in storytelling format,

vocabulary building exercisesinteractive quizzes on listening comprehension and English grammar structured in levels 1 to 5.



On the other hand , following the same route, another amazing piece of work came up named English Grammar Crash Course for people who are weak in grammar.


What is the best way to teach grammar?

Those were the days when schools truly taught grammar.



The school’s teaching of grammar remains rooted in rigid, traditional forms and structures.

The teaching of grammar should focus on form not focus on forms.

It means the focus should not consist of mastering grammatical rules and words, while neglecting pragmatic competence.


Teaching grammar can be a type of punishment.

The foreigners have been teaching probation staff basic greetings and conversational English as well as grammar and legal terms.


Technology is changing the way we learn grammar.

Now young users are more and more interested in the grammar of the English language.



The system can accurately identify common problems in spoken English language, such as pronunciation and grammar, right down to a single word in a sentence.


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