almost all & very few

almost all & very few

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Adverbs phrases can be put together with degree adverbs such as “almost” and “very” to modify determiners, such as “all” and “few”.

*.[RR] *.[DB]

After removing a few unrelated results to the intention of finding degrees, the search on iWeb for any general adverb tagged as RR next to any DB results in the following frequency sets:

“almost all”

“much all” is actually mostly “pretty much all” so quite an unexpected find here. Most importantly though, “almost all” is by far the most common of all and worthy of further collocation. A search on iWeb for collocates 4 slots either side of “almost all” with no codes added returns:

Examples in the “news”:

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*.[RG] *.[DA2]

*.[RG] *.[DB]

As we know taggers are not perfect and to see what “RG” the code for adverbs of degree finds instead of RR, we get the following frequency results:

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