WOULD advise imagine recommend say

WOULD advise imagine recommend say

Point 102 in MODALITY and INDIRECTNESS is defined as:

‘would’ with verbs such as ‘advise’, ‘imagine’, ‘recommend’, ‘say’ to be less direct.

*We are not sure if ‘indirectness’ is absolutely crucial to defining the complexity level of our following examples.

Frequency in the iWeb corpus of these can be divided:

Here are some of the main collocates of these:

1 I (PPIS1 ) 317242 / 2 ANYONE (PN1 ) 27087

The Irish Times
I would say to anyone thinking of returning to Ireland: look beyond Dublin. Colm Ryan left market-trading in the City of London to set up a wine bar …

3 PRODUCT (NN1 ) 10256

  The Spinoff
Everything you need to know about the 2020 cannabis …
The authority would recommend the introduction of other licensed products for sale (for example, concentrates and cannabis edibles), which …

4 YES (UH ) 6246

5 ANYBODY (PN1 ) 1665

  The New European
WATCH: James O’Brien’s epic monologue slams Iain Duncan …
… deal passed without proper scrutiny: “Now this is the moment that I would imagine anybody with a scintilla of shame would hang their heads.”

6 CHECKING (VVG ) 1133

Warning over fake £20 notes in village
I would advise all shop owners to start checking. Packs of the checking pens can be bought on eBay or wherever. They are cheap and could …
Jan 29, 2020

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