second & third conditonal

Here is another post of some overlapping and clashing grammar points from different categories in the English Grammar Profile.  B1 point 72 clashes with the general definition at C1. B1 Point 42 in the category of CLAUSES is defined as: ‘IF’ + PAST SIMPLE + WOULD, FUTURE, (SECOND CONDITIONAL) imagined situation, often in the context …

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comparative AND comparative

In the English Grammar Profile, B1 point 47 in Adjectives is defined as: ‘and’ to repeat a comparative adjective to indicate change over time, usually after ‘become’ or ‘get’ However, the English Vocabulary Profile lists ‘worse and worse‘ at B2  used to emphasize how unpleasant, difficult, severe, etc. something is becoming A search in iWeb corpus: _V …

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past simple affirmative (range)

Here’s an example of past simple with academic collocation: I added some information now. (listen to this sentence) There are 3 entries in the English Grammar Profile for past simple affirmative range.  This point is best covered by the English Vocabulary Profile since it offers much more detail about vocabulary. A1 point 1 is defined: past simple affirmative form …

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