not + any | many | much + NOUN

When grammar points are from the same CEFR level, and in the same category, we believe it is more useful to have a single post that covers them.  Both these A2 points come from the category of DETERMINERS/quantity. Point 15: ‘many’ with plural nouns in negative contexts. Point 23: ‘much’ with uncountable nouns in negative …

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many + PLURAL NOUN ?

Point 45 in the category of DETERMINERS/quantity is defined as: ‘MANY’ WITH PLURAL NOUNS, INTERROGATIVE An iWeb search for: many _NN2 ? 1 MANY OTHERS ? 293 2 MANY POSSIBILITIES ? 181 3 MANY THINGS ? 168 4 MANY QUESTIONS ? 167 5 MANY OPTIONS ? 126 6 MANY CHILDREN ? 122 7 MANY WAYS …

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several | a few of

Point 39 in the category of DETERMINERS is defined as: wide range of quantifying determiners with plural nouns (‘several’, ‘millions of’, ‘a few of’). *Note that if ‘millions of’ is used as hyperbole, then it is a C1 point. TLC, Speaking test examples: There are very few sports cars in Sri Lanka. We don’t really take those out on the roads. …

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