ONLY IF + inverted conditional

On Pearson’s scale at GSE 71 B2+

  • describe present or future outcomes of a hypothetical situation using initial ‘only if’ with inversion of subject and object.
  • Only if’ + first/second conditional with inversion

The complexity of this structure is highly unlikely to be B2 as Pearson has it listed.  The most similar EGP construction is ‘Only when’ + first conditional inverted and that is at C2.  *This is a very rare and difficult structure to locate anyway! There are only 2 sentences in the whole TED corpus.  We searched for:  only if * {v} * {md}


Only if the court was able to see how these policies came together would he be able to see the double discrimination that Emma DeGraffenreid was facing.


And only if your per capita income is above 6,000 dollars a year will you have democracy come hell or high water.