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Point 26 in the category of PRESENT/simple is defined as: a limited range of reporting verbs, including ‘say’, ‘show’ EXPERT EXAMPLE: This map shows the presence of agriculture on planet Earth.   PELIC STUDENT EXAMPLE: Some people say that money is the root of all evil, but I disagree with it. Korean male, writing class. _P show|shows|say|says * * * We have removed lines that are not informative: 12 IT SAYS ON …

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Point 36 in the category of VERBs is defined as: verb pattern / reporting verb with prepositional phrase + that clause as the direct object A search in iWeb for: SAY to_II * that 1 SAID TO ME THAT 2340 2 SAY TO YOU THAT 1483 3 SAYS TO ME THAT 794 4 SAY TO …

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