the reason place that which

The B2 Point 4 in the category of FOCUS is defined as
‘The reason (that)’, ‘The place (which)’ + clause as subject + ‘be’ for focus.
*although the verb ‘be’ is probably the most common, for complexity, we should also accept any verb after the clause.
Hindustan Times

The reason that less number of workers were paid relief is that a large number of registered workers don’t renew their registrations, and many have not paid their yearly registration fees, the official said.


The place, which is managed by the SSD Concerts company, promises to follow all measures of social distancing, from the parking lot to the toilets and observation decks.

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  1. English Grammar Pro

    A similar point is point 73 in CLAUSES that are relative, but are at B1 and defined as:

    defining relative clauses, ‘the person who/that, the thing that, the (only) one who/that’ as a focusing device.

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