whose relative clause

Here’s an example of using ‘whose’ in a defining relative clause:

As I sat with families whose children were at the end of their lives, I was acutely aware of our surroundings.

(listen to this sentence)

In the English Grammar Profile, in the category of clauses at B2, two similar points exist:

Point 88 defining relative clauses with ‘whose’, to give more information about relationship.

Point 94 non-defining relative clauses with ‘whose’, to give additional information.

*We need to be careful with our elaboration of the B2 level for the ‘whose’ as relative pronoun because there are other structures of the word also at B1:

A basic search for collocates 4 to the left and 4 to the right around ‘whose’ on iWeb:

1 NAME 43952 B1

2 PARENTS 15509

3 LIVES 14261

4 FATHER 11526

5 NAMES 11267

6 WOMAN 10949

7 MISSION 10420 B2

8 SON 10015

9 PURPOSE 9778 B1 vocabulary

For collocates ranging between 1oth to 50th ranked see the tags below:

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